Jesus Honcho “Infatuated”

Jesus Honcho’s intricate flow on “Infatuated” will take fans a few plays to properly unpack. It’s truly a testament to his ability that he’s able to put down such a heady set of bars while further contributing to the overall harmony of Infatuated. The production here is smart, utilizing a minimal amount of sequenced beats to properly highlight what Jesus Honcho is trying to express. Infatuated ends before the 2:45 mark but it has so much going on that fans will spend hours breaking the composition apart. We’re excited to hear what Jesus Honcho will be releasing through the end of 2018 and into the first few months of 2019. Continue reading “Jesus Honcho “Infatuated””

Interpol “If You Really Love Nothing”

Interpol’s “If You Really Love Nothing” has all constituent elements of the band working together to craft something special. The dynamic between the bass and drums is a bouncy back and forth that is punctuated by the on-point drumming and splashy cymbals that are laid down. Haunting guitars work to provide a second voice with the dreamy vox that blink in and out of existence. The depth of If You Really Love Nothing is such that fans will continue to find new twists and turns five or ten plays in. Interpol has made a cut that will appease music fans and technical aficionados alike.

Continue reading “Interpol “If You Really Love Nothing””

Pop Noir “White Jazz”

Pop Noir’s “White Jazz” an interesting creature. The track takes in a number of distinct musical styles – synth-pop, dreamy California pop, and a bit of alt rock and dance to make something wholly unique. The vocals on White Jazz variously flirt with the synths and guitars to make a cohesive and bouncy track. White Jazz is one of those efforts that has something for everyone – one second, a too-cool sort of vamp, the next, contemplative late-nineties-styled electronica. Pop Noir are truly taking popular music in a new fashion; White Jazz will keep fans focused until its last note. Continue reading “Pop Noir “White Jazz””

Liily “Toro”

Liily’s “Toro” builds off of the work of Bloc Party, Foo Fighters and Franz Ferdinand, with a bit of the dirty 1970s rock sound (MC5) interspersed in. Of particular note during Toro has to be the band’s scintillating guitars and technically impressive interplay between the drums, vocals, and aforementioned lead. Liily’s charisma is undeniable – the lyrics are supersonic, bringing the assertive drums and riffs into an entirely higher plateau. The last 30 seconds or so is some of the best straight-forward rock we’ve experienced this year. Check out the video for Toro below the jump and let us know what you think of Liily’s latest. Continue reading “Liily “Toro””

Paul van Dyk ft. Plumb “Music Rescues Me”

Paul van Dyk’s “Music Rescues Me” is a hopeful track that blends an assertive synth line with a set of hopeful vocals laid down by Plumb. Building off of the late-1990s Italo dance sound while whipping in a louder than life instrumentation makes this special. The bit of classically-styled keys incorporated in at the two-minute-mark allows for Music Rescues Me to remain as engrossing as it was when it first began. Paul van Dyk’s latest is tremendously reverent of earlier approaches to electronic music while sounding as vital and as fresh as anything else coming down the pipeline. Continue reading “Paul van Dyk ft. Plumb “Music Rescues Me””

sam. – ‘Wreck My Soul’

sam.’s Wreck My Soul is a track that ties together current pop and EDM approaches with hints of trip-hop and Bjork-esque indie music. Together, these elements are able to wholly involve listeners. The numerous layers on Wreck My Soul further allow fans to tuck in and find new twists and turns on subsequent listens. The single’s arrangements deserve additional attention as the dynamics between percussive and synth elements tell just as much of a story as the aforementioned vox. Check out the embed for Wreck My Soul below to hear this melange of approaches and sounds; we’re forecasting big things from sam. in the months and years to follow. Continue reading “sam. – ‘Wreck My Soul’”

Cock Sparrer – the Albums 1994-2017 (CD Box Set)

While The Clash, The Damned and the Sex Pistols all justifiably get their due in just about any discussion around the origins of punk rock, Cock Sparrer is almost always inexplicably left off the list by many in this country. Which is odd considering the London band had several years head start on all of the aforementioned peers, dating all the way back to 1972. And as influential as the trio mentioned above clearly are, it’s hard to imagine the Dropkick Murphys, the Bosstones or even Rancid (especially Rancid!) existing without Cock Sparrer to firmly lead the way a generation earlier. Continue reading “Cock Sparrer – the Albums 1994-2017 (CD Box Set)”

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit – Live from the Ryman

Jason Isbell surprised many when he walked away from cult favs Drive By Truckers 10 years ago. What were the chances of an Americana artist that bristled against modern country music making it beyond a record or two. Turns out, the chances were a hell of a lot better than most thought. It helps that Isbell also happens to be one of the best songwriters to come around in a generation. Continue reading “Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit – Live from the Ryman”

The Weeklings “In The Moment”

The Weeklings are able to refresh the power-pop / AOR of the 1960s and 1970s with their new song, “In The Moment”. In The Moment has soulful vocals built off of the bands of the British Invasion while the guitars take inspiration from ELO and Boston. The Weeklings are able to make a clear, guitar / drum / vox dynamic shine brightly. With just a bit of a nod towards more contemporary rock bands (a bit of Foo Fighters, anyone?), The Weeklings ensure that the widest fan base will find something that they can appreciate with In The Moment. Check the track out below the jump. Continue reading “The Weeklings “In The Moment””

PSYRUS “Hitcher”

PSYRUS’s “Hitcher” is able to deftly tie together synth-pop and new wave in a bold new direction. Haunting vocals and sweeping synths unite to make for a track that shifts between sounds, tempos, and even approaches. Hitcher is one of those efforts that continues to provide twists and turns to fans after multiple plays. With Hitcher being one of those earworms that will bury itself deep into the minds of listeners, PSYRUS are able to showcase skillful instrumentation alongside an approach that will get the dance floor popping. The band is able to make a five-plus minute track as interesting on its final note as it was when it began. Continue reading “PSYRUS “Hitcher””