Couch Jackets “Don’t Think Just Breathe”

Couch Jackets’ “Don’t Think Just Breathe” is a very dense and detailed effort. This means that at any moment during the band’s new single, there are a number of threads that a listener can focus on. For example, there is a dreamy sort of pop that the guitars and vocals further, while hints of psychedelic, 1960s pop, and psychedelic can all be picked out. Complex time signature and a penchant for moving into mid-1990s Britpop ensures that Don’t Think Just Breathe sounds wholly different from other efforts out today. An amazing ear for bold and beautiful music makes this song into a must-listen. Continue reading “Couch Jackets “Don’t Think Just Breathe””

Mary Bue “The Shit I Left In Duluth”

Mary Bue’s “The Shit I Left In Duluth” is a favorite for us this month, as the track is able to refresh the alternative rock of the 1980s and 1990s. There are nods here to The Replacements, The Breeders, and Blondie. Dreamy vocals are matched perfectly with confident guitar riffs and a ropy, intense bass line. The narrative of Mary Bue will have listeners focusing on in, while subsequent listens will showcase the technical skill of the guitars, bass, and drums. We love how direct Bue is on this effort and want to hear more of this vibrant alt-rock. Continue reading “Mary Bue “The Shit I Left In Duluth””

MkX “One Sided Love”

MkX’s “One Sided Love” is a track that draws upon the rich pop vocal tradition of performers like Justin Timberlake and Niall Horan while working in hints of 5 Seconds of Summer and Jason Derulo. The backing beat that represents the canvas upon which MkX can shine is utilitarian, rising and falling in opposition to the vocals. Taken together, these elements make One Sided Love a hooky effort that fans will sing along to each and every time the track is played on the radio. This is a solid introduction for MkX, and we’d love to hear more from the performer in late 2018 and early 2019. Continue reading “MkX “One Sided Love””

Gitty “Karaoke” ft. Trinidad James and Rose Gold

Gitty’s Karaoke is an exquisite track replete with a soulful backing beat and smooth females laid down by Rose Gold. The addition of Trinidad James to the track is fun as his flow straddles the illuminated styles of the 1990s with a current and contemporary sound. Where much has been made of the electrofunk of performers like Chromeo, I think the blending of passionate vocals with intricate guitar works represents an evolution to this approach. This is modern funk, a unique tack taken by Gitty that we hope to hear more from in the months and years to come. 

Continue reading “Gitty “Karaoke” ft. Trinidad James and Rose Gold”

Wai Lana “Colors”

Wai Lana’s “Colors” is a track that builds upon the pop genre of the early 1980s. A bouncy beat and sunny sound works perfectly with the soft vocals of Wai Lana. A secondary (male) set of vox ensures that the track stays fresh from its initial note to concluding second. A bit of horns are interspersed through Colors that match perfectly through a bold bass and booming drums. With so many layers, fans will be able to play Colors multiple times and continue to find new twists and turns. This will be bouncing through our heads the next few months. 

We covered Oh My Sweet Lord back in 2017. Continue reading “Wai Lana “Colors””

S.J. Armstrong “Some Restful Day”

S.J. Armstrong’s “Some Restful Day” is a piece of dreamy atmospheric indie rock that will stick with listeners long after the single ceases to play. There is a very deliberate approach that is taken during the song that gradually builds to something intense. Wholly engrossing from the onset, it is not a surprise that the track’s four-plus minute run time goes by quickly. Coming forth with a new tack on a well-trod style is always a hard thing to do, but Armstrong is able to make an indelible imprint upon indie with this single. While one could easily leave the song on and do chores, we’d recommend strapping on a pair of earphones and really engaging yourself with this song.

S.J. Armstrong “Some Restful Day” /

Les Stroud “Big Yellow Taxi”

Les Stroud’s cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” is punctuated with a soulful blend of harmonica and country-tinged guitar work. The passion and charisma laid down by Stroud here is unparalleled. A crystal-clear production ensures that each constituent element is able to shine alone or in tandem with the rest of the contributing elements on Big Yellow Taxi. The brooding instrumentation that plays in the backdrop stands in for the unquenchable desires of multinational corporations to destroy the world. The track may be over fifty years old at this point, but still holds tremendous relevancy in this current era. Continue reading “Les Stroud “Big Yellow Taxi””

Kyla Imani “Sitting Up In My Room”

Kyla Imani’s “Sitting Up In My Room” is a track that has roots in the powerful R&B singer style of the 1990s. The arrangement playing in the background pulls a bit from trap and EDM style, making for a fun new effort that will have listeners sitting on the edges of their seats. The presence of Jay Critch in Sitting Up In My Room keeps things vibrant while spinning the single in a bold new fashion. With the back and forth that is present on the song, Kyla Imani is able to have a song that stands up quite nicely to repeat plays. Continue reading “Kyla Imani “Sitting Up In My Room””

The Dead Daisies “Dead and Gone”

The Dead Daisies’s new single “Dead and Gone” may just be the hardest effort that we have heard from the band. The act is able to build upon the hair metal tradition with nods to Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Motorhead. Sizzling guitar lines at points build upon AC/DC and Slash, while there is a raw passion to the vocals that would make this an easy inclusion on any hard rock radio station or Spotify playlist. With a polished production, the band is able to make Dead and Gone their best track yet. We’ll be playing this throughout the summer here at NeuFutur. Continue reading “The Dead Daisies “Dead and Gone””

Big Sam’s Funky Nation “Pokechop”

Big Sam’s Funky Nation’s “Pokechop” is a track that is dripping with the spirit of the blues, mid-1970s, drill, and hip-hop styles. This varied approach is able to cull together the styles of the last fifty years into something that will tattoo itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. With nods to DJ Jimi and a bit of Flashlight interspersed throughout Pokechop, the unique flair of the act is moored to some of the best music of the 20th century. Flawless, fun, and funky, we’re excited to hear more from Big Sam’s Funky Nation in the second half of 2018. Continue reading “Big Sam’s Funky Nation “Pokechop””