Monsieur Job – Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow

Monsieur Jobs’ “Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow” is an attention grabbing debut single featuring a cadre of top flight musical and songwriting talent. No Mercy’s long-standing vocalist Martin Citron gives this immediate commercial appeal it might have otherwise lacked, but the combination of Toby Holguin, Leo Jaramillo, Stan Kolev, and Charlie Illera deliver the goods from a musical point of view and their contributions are informed by a deep grounding in live and pre-recorded or digital sound. This broad-based appeal this generates is key to making this one of the most appealing pop songs to be released this year and it maintains an internal logic from the first that any listener can latch onto. There’s a surprising amount of melody linking up with the compelling drumming and the union of those organic elements with the song’s rhythmic base makes this a durable and enjoyable experience from the first notes onward. Continue reading “Monsieur Job – Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow”

At the Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself (single)

At the Gates requires no introduction, not from someone the likes of me at the very least. Hailed among the forefathers of the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene, these Swedes have been iconic in shaping a genre and spawned a legion of like-minded bands in their decades-long career. Continue reading “At the Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself (single)”

AV Super Sunshine “Smile”

AV Super Sunshine’s “Smile” ties together a number of distinct dance styles – the mid-1980s style of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the 1970s electronic approach of Gershon Kingsley, and even bits of INXS and U2. The sheer depth of Smile means that listeners need to strap on a pair of headphones to hear everything that is going on. AV Super Sunshine come out with a new song that completely changes up their style; the one constant through each of the efforts we’ve covered in the past has to be an intense care taken in the creation of their music.  Continue reading “AV Super Sunshine “Smile””

Nadia Kazmi “Like A Cat”

Nadia Kazmi’s “Like A Cat” is an effort that calls back to the days of performers like Patti Smith and Suzanne Vega. The clear and driving vocals that are the focal point of Kazmi’s new single will lock listeners to the edges of their seats, while the instrumentation is no shrinking violent. Particular kudos have to be given to the emotive (and splashy) drums, the chugging bass, and the fashion in which each element joins together to make a robust backdrop for Kazmi. Like A Cat is a timeless effort and a perfect introduction to this performer. Continue reading “Nadia Kazmi “Like A Cat””

Annalise Azadian “Passenger Mirror”

Annalise Azadian’s “Passenger Mirror” is one of those tracks that hit on all cylinders. Azadian’s vocals are tremendous, showcasing the same complexity and range of performers like Lorde or Ellie Goulding. The vocals do tell a story, but the dynamic which they create with the instrumentation makes for an effort that will stick around with listeners long after the effort ceases to play. The track is able to exist at the junction of pop, R&B and the brooding, emotional rock styles of AWOLNATION. We forecast a long and storied career for Annalise if follow-ups to Passenger Mirror are as impressive as this outing.

Annalise Azadian “Passenger Mirror” / Website


The Aces “Volcanic Love”

The Aces “Volcanic Love” is a powerful retro-infused song that melds together the rock of the 1980s with the alternative singer-songwriter style of the mid nineties to make for something wholly different from what is being played on radio rotation. Introspective guitar lines, a fullness to the backing beat contributed by the bass and drums, and rich vocals combine to tattoo the song’s melodies deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The Aces are able to make something old new again, all while adding enough of themselves to make Volcanic Love one of our favorite tracks so far this March.

The Aces “Volcanic Love” / Website

I Don’t Belong To You by Delicate Marie

I Don’t Belong To You is a powerful R&B track that is able to bring in hints of gospel and pop to make something truly special. Delicate Marie’s story-telling aspect takes listeners on a journey that is understandable by anyone that has been in that situation. The backing beat is vibrant, with additional vocal layers and booming bass inserted in at all the right places. Delicate Marie’s vocals do more than merely provide listeners with a story; they ultimately add to the overall harmonies crafted on the single. I Don’t Belong To You is a tremendous introductory single for Delicate Marie.

I Don’t Belong To You by Delicate Marie / Facebook /

Where Are We “Not My President”

Where Are We’s “Not My President” is a hard track to pin down. The haunting vocals laid down here by Indee are haunting, while the atmospheric sound of WAW’s instrumentation effortlessly move through indie-rock and ambient music. Hints of Interpol, Muse, and even the spiriti of Subdivisions-era Rush can be picked up here. The track is surprisingly deep, meaning that fans will have to play Not My President multiple times before hearing every twist and turn that has been included within. Engrossing and utterly unique, we’re excited to hear more from WAW in the future.

Where Are We “Not My President” / Website

Rocky Athas “Dictator”

Rocky Athas’s “Dictator” is a track that ties together hard rock, honky tonk, and even hints of country rock. Building off of the tradition of performers like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rocky Athas is able to create a crisp arrangement that is authentic and tremendously affecting. The guitar work is fantastic, while the drums and bass are vital in providing an unparalleled depth to each section of this single. With considerable replay value, we’ll be blasting Dictator through the beginning of spring and well into the summer at NeuFutur headquarters. Check out the video below the jump. 

Rocky Athas “Dictator” / Website