Randy Lyght – Bumped Into Love

Randy Lyght’s “Bumped into Love” is a fantastic single from his fourth solo studio release, Another Side of Me, and marks another high point in the career of this fantastic vocalist and song interpreter. Lyght plays to what we know as familiar, but he has the talent and good sense to choose outstanding collaborators in such a way that there’s a signature luster emanating from the tune that others will never duplicate. Everything here is in place. It has a light soul and jazz edge, just the right amount of urgency, and a well tailored length that never overstays its welcome with listeners. It’s easy to figure out why this cut occupies such a high level when you take into account the voluminous experience Lyght brings to bear in making this tune and others work for listeners, but you can enjoy this song as a standalone entertainment experience that nourishes the heart and imagination alike.   Continue reading “Randy Lyght – Bumped Into Love”

JJ Appleby – Sweet Love

JJ Appleby’s Sweet Love is a timeless effort that touches upon the R&B and pop styles. The robust synthesizers that are interlaced through Sweet Love create a well-defined backdrop upon which JJ’s vocals can shine. The polish of the production here ensures that each of the elements, instrumental and vocal, can shine alone or as contributing to a more cohesive and coherent sound. The melodies of Sweet Love will bounce around listeners’ brains long after the effort ceases to play. This is a nice step forward for JJ Appleby, and we’re confident that the follow-ups to Sweet Love will be must listens. Check out his Wix website for additional information about the performer.


JJ Appleby – Sweet Love / http://jjapplebymusic.wixsite.com/

Ruby Boots – Don’t Talk About It (CD)

One of the best new voices in Americana interestingly enough is Australian.

Ruby Boots (Bex Chilcott) made her way to Nashville from her native Perth years ago and has managed to record a remarkably powerful follow up to her 2016 full-length debut; the record is part Country, Southern Rock, Folk and Blues with plenty of attitude. Continue reading “Ruby Boots – Don’t Talk About It (CD)”

Vessbroz – “Nothing” (feat. Kyle Davis)

The first single from the new Vessbroz album featuring Kyle Davis’ singing and lyric contributions, “Nothing”, has all the catchiness you’d hope for, but there’s an additional layer of substance coming from Davis’ songwriting skills. Davis doesn’t settle for just writing a grab bag of phrases but, instead, constructs a natural sounding lyric that his vocals handle with more than a little aplomb and that have something genuine and powerful to say. The personal aspect to his songwriting is quite clear, but nonetheless relatable. The flourish informing his writing is never overwrought and doesn’t steal the spotlight away in any respect from the Vessbroz efforts. The blending of their respective skill sets results in one of 2018’s more formidable releases and one can only hope this collaboration will continue. “Nothing” is more than just a promising taste of an album to come; it’s an important standalone musical work. Continue reading “Vessbroz – “Nothing” (feat. Kyle Davis)”

Reina Mora – Trouble

Reina Mora’s first single from her debut album Bird’s Eye View is the invigorating “Trouble”. She wisely doesn’t aim for remaking the musical wheel with her first single release, but Mora does prove herself quite skillful at pouring old wine into new bottles with her mix of light atmospherics, an evocative performance both vocally and from the supporting musicians, and a definite rock attitude coming through the song. Continue reading “Reina Mora – Trouble”

Luther Russell – Selective Memories: An Anthology

Throughout his musical career, Luther Russell has been many things, but predictable is not one of them. Since going solo in the late 1990s (after leaving the Freewheelers), he has flirted with funk and soul music, power pop, punk rock and even hints of blues. The proof of this eclectic resume is all over the stunning two-disc anthology “Selective Memories.” The set also includes Russell’s work with the Freewheelers and The Bootheels). Continue reading “Luther Russell – Selective Memories: An Anthology”

Dirty Sidewalks – Bring Down the House Lights (CD)

Sounding as if they collectively woke up from a decades-long coma, Seattle’s Dirty Sidewalks play as if they stopped listening to music even before The Jesus & Mary Chain’s first break up in 1999. Continue reading “Dirty Sidewalks – Bring Down the House Lights (CD)”

Gerard Edery – Morena me Llaman

Morena me Llaman is a powerful track that draws upon a rich musical tradition. Edery’s vocals are punctuated here

Maria Krupoves, adding a number of distinct twists and turns that listeners will continue to discover after numerous plays. The interaction is provided additional depth through the robust instrumentation on Morena me Llaman. There are more jangly and orderly elements to this composition that multiply the complexity to a degree that fans will be rewarded handsomely if they put a good amount of attention into the more subtle elements that are interspersed throughout the effort’s run time.

Gerard Edery – Morena me Llaman


Culture Club – Live At Wembley (DVD + CD)

Boy George was way ahead of his time. A band fronted by a male who performed in full make up and androgynous clothes was groundbreaking in the early 1980s, when gay were almost unheard of at the time. The fact that Cultural Club had remarkably catchy songs certainly helped prove that the band and Boy George were more than just a gimmick. In fact, their music is right up there with Madonna, Prince and Springsteen in having defined the era. That in mind, it’s almost as impressive to hear how well the music, songs like “Church of the Poison Mind,” “Do You Really Want to Hurt me” and “I’ll Tumble for Ya,” have held up more than three decades later. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the DVD/CD set Live At Wembley. Continue reading “Culture Club – Live At Wembley (DVD + CD)”


VAYA’s titular single is a slinky piece of hard rock that will tattoo its melodies deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The act is able to call back to the halycon days of the 1980s and 1990s while keeping things current and contemporary. The vocals both tell a story and add to the overall harmonies of the effort.

ELEPHANTUS, the other new track from VAYA, slows things down and provides a more trippy and ambient sound than we’ve previously heard. The guitar / drum dynamic imbues this effort with a goth rock (imagine Sisters of Mercy meets Heart sound) sheen. The back and forth between the guitars/drums and the vocals pushes each to a higher plateau.