Jake Allen – Deviant Motions

Deviant Motions is the third album from Jake Allen. The 14-song collection will surprise and please fans of pop rock, alt rock and even New Age music. Allen hails from Michigan and while he doesn’t subscribe to the often blue-collar rock and Motown soul, Deviant Motions expands upon Allen’s previous album, Etherica, with less jazz and more synthesizer, ethereal pop. And, it’s hefty song compilation is bigger than the eight-songs from 2009’s Sleep. Continue reading “Jake Allen – Deviant Motions”

Jeff Plankenhorn – Sleeping Dogs (CD)

One-time go-to gun for hire Jeff Plankenhorn has played guitar and lap slide for everyone from Joe Ely and Reckless Kelly to Hayes Carll and Kelly Willis. But as of recently he’s walked back into the center of the spotlight with his own records. Sleeping Dogs, his latest, shows why he was so in demand in his adopted home of Austin. Continue reading “Jeff Plankenhorn – Sleeping Dogs (CD)”

Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified

The Grand Brothers & Dee, both important presences on the modern pop scene growing in reputation and ambition with each new release, are teaming for a new project dubbed Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite. The first single “Electrified” from the collaboration’s forthcoming debut Canyon Diablo illustrates the production talents of the brothers while also illustrating the talents that have allowed Dee to land coveted spots like a Ford auto commercial during the most recent Super Bowl programming, but the scope of the new single reaches far beyond the confines of mere popularity. The project is clearly aiming to craft modern pop music with genuine substance and lasting value while still providing listeners with ample entertainment value for their money. “Electrified” personifies the best elements that each half of this creative partnership bring to the table without ever seeming hollow or pretentious. It’s a powerful first outing that reminds listeners what great pop music can accomplish. Continue reading “Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified”

DawgGonDavis is on Fiya

Anyone who ever said that hip-hop can’t possess humility and make fun of itself would do well to examine the comedic stylings of Kansas-based rapper Dawg Gone Davis (aka DawgGonDavis or simply Rebecca Rogers Davis). Whatever you want to call her, her new single “Butt on Fiya” is a hooky, whimsical song that is certain to put a smile on your face. Continue reading “DawgGonDavis is on Fiya”

Steve Wynn – Kerosene Man; Dazzling Display (CDs)

Going from the front man of a strongly influential band to a solo artist has always been a tough act to pull off, trying to keep up the good will and credibility banked. But, Steve Wynn showed how to do it with style in the early ‘90s when Dream Syndicate called it a day and he decided to carry on in a decidedly different direction. Continue reading “Steve Wynn – Kerosene Man; Dazzling Display (CDs)”

Almost Awake release new single

Almost Awake is an up and coming group which is lead by female vocalist Vick Liano. The energetic group hits the stage with a fresh sound which is influenced by Paramore, Nirvana, Joe Satriani, and Blink 82. The genre ranges from feel-good music to rock and roll with the hint of jazz percussion. Their music could be categorized as Alternative Rock / Punk / Rock. Almost Awake was formed in 2014 in Las Vegas, NV and signed with Tommy Entertainment. Continue reading “Almost Awake release new single”

Tiffany Devonish – “Brkn (Unlove You)”

Brkn (Unlove You) is the latest single from Tiffany Devonish, and this thoughtful song links together pop, R&B and EDM styles in a fashion that will draw in listeners of all three genres. There is an outgoing personality that is weaved into the vocals, while the emphatic beat tattoos the track’s melodies deep into the psyche of fans. Devonish is able to refresh the sound of performers like Ciara and mid-oughts Beyonce into something that speaks to the current generation. Brkn has a message that anyone that has been hurting in love will understand. Continue reading “Tiffany Devonish – “Brkn (Unlove You)””

The Sandboys drop EP

With summer coming up, it seems like the perfect time to find that next epic mix of road trip worthy music. This becomes a more significant challenge as families look for something that is not too dark, dripping with foul language or not lighthearted enough for a car sing-a-long. A British band that has finally leaped the Atlantic to share their spin on beach-worthy music may be just the answer. The Sandboys latest album “Glitches, Imperfections & Glorious Quirks” might be that big summer mix. Continue reading “The Sandboys drop EP”

Christina Custode – “Light Of Day”

Christina Custode’s “Light Of Day” is a tremendously powerful single that needs little more than Christina’s vocals and piano to tell a story that resounds through the ages. There are nods to Sarah McLachlan, Ani DiFranco and Natalie Cole here. The simplicity of Light Of Day makes it a must listen, as every note is carefully crafted to have the greatest impact. The piano would seem to be an equally good fit no matter whether one is in a smoky piano bar in the 1970s, a coffee shop in the 1990s, or in a close-knit venue today. Truly a beautiful effort from Christina Custode. Continue reading “Christina Custode – “Light Of Day””