The Choppy Bumpy Peaches – Darjeeling

The Choppy Bumpy Peaches’ Darjeeling is a rich alternative rock track that looks back to the days of psychedelic rock and even hints at 1960s folk. A contemplative instrumentation will hold up to repeat plays, while the guitar/drum dynamic is simply fantastic. The atmospheric vocals on Darjeeling set the stage for the jangly, haunting instrumentation. While each part of the band is working on its own contribution, I feel that the distinct elements are able to coalesce into something fantastic. Ultimately retro in its sound, Darjeeling is a track that will impress fans of all types of rock music.

The Choppy Bumpy Peaches – Darjeeling /

Onr. – 5 Years Time

Onr.’s 5 Years Time is a haunting track that succeeds due to its spontaneity. The ability of Onr. to pull out some epic sound sections will draw listeners in. The track skillfully bridges the gap between EDM and rock, with strong drum hits, an emphatic synth line, and vocals that will club fans over the heads. The energy of 5 Years Time will keep fans running, lifting, or doing whatever activity they were doing when song first started. The track’s emphatic switch over between the main body and the chorus will keep fans on the edges of their seats. Continue reading “Onr. – 5 Years Time”

RIVVRS – “Don’t Give Up On Me”

RIVVRS’ “Don’t Give Up On Me” is so emotionally intense. The vocal-dominating effort tells a story that anyone that has slipped and fallen during a relationship will understand. There is litle more to this plea than the aforementioned vocals, a hint of synthesizers and a whole lot of remorse. Continue reading “RIVVRS – “Don’t Give Up On Me””

No No Yeah Okay – “That Ain’t You”

No No Yeah Okay’s “That Ain’t You” is a soulful track that works in hints of 1980s synthpop. The two sections make for a unique sound – No No Yeah Okay call forth hints of MGMT, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Chromeo and Owl City all in the space of three minutes. The inimitable vocals here are matched masterfully with a complex and deep bass line, while the drums punctuate all segments of That Ain’t You. No No Yeah Okay make That Ain’t You into a track that will easily slot into playlist and radio rotation. We’re excited to hear more from the band in the future. Continue reading “No No Yeah Okay – “That Ain’t You””

Parker Matthews – “Lost With You”

Parker Matthews’ “Lost With You” is a track that deftly crossover between EDM and pop styles. The hopeful sound of synth backdrop pushes Matthew’s vocals in a good way. Lost With You is a bold example of less doing more; while there is little more to the synth, drums, and Parker’s vocals to be heard here, the complex interactions that each have with each other make for a surprisingly deep single. The light and airy sound of this cut will ensure that listeners will be able to vibe along with Lost With You long after their first experience with the track. Continue reading “Parker Matthews – “Lost With You””

Tim Myers – The Bright Side

Tim Myers’ The Bright Side is a bouncy, fun sort of holiday track that will have listeners singing along after a listener’s first experience. Sleigh bells and a hooky chorus are enough to make anyone’s day sunnier. THe production of The Bright Side makes every  part – Tim’s vocals, the splashy drums, and a thick and ropy bass line, work well alone or as a contributor to something greater. Myers’ ability to make a single work well in the holiday season while having enough legs to make it past the New Year is a testament to his ability; check out below the jump for a sample of the song.

Tim Myers – The Bright Side /

King Keon “Picture Me”

King Keon’s “Picture Me” is a rough and raw track that showcases a tremendous vocal flow and a complex, bass heavy backing beat. King Keon’s flow builds off of the work of timeless performers like Ludacris, The Game, and I-20, with a hint of Jay-Z sprinkled in. The lyrical content is pure braggadocio, something that is supported through smart bars and a visual element (featured below) that has to be seen to be believe. King Keon comes out hard with his Picture Me, a song that we will be bumping for a good, long time at NeuFutur.  Continue reading “King Keon “Picture Me””

Valerie Ghent “New York City Streets”

Valerie Ghent “New York City Streets” is a funky effort that pulls from the 1970s in terms of its suave sound and impressive musicianship. There are hints of smooth jazz, soul, and a bit of Detroit funk. The instrumentation is vibrant and colorful, adding a bit of additional spice to an already fulfilling sort of dish. Ghent’s vocals are timeless, pushed to an entirely higher plateau through the horns, a thick and ropy bass line, and a backing chorus that provides additional emphasis for Valerie at all of the right places. New York City Streets’ video is below the jump. Continue reading “Valerie Ghent “New York City Streets””

V. Contreras “Like It’s Yesterday”

V. Contreras “Like It’s Yesterday” is an emotionally intense effort that will perfectly affect listeners. The rising and falling action of Contreras’ vocals is reminiscent of performers like Adele and Christina Aguilera. The sheer range that is reached during this single will have fans sitting on the edges fo their seat. Little more is needed during Like It’s Yesterday beyond strings and a piano. As the instrumentation threatens to overtake the track, V. Contreras rises to the occasion. This is truly a song for the ages, one that will sound as fresh in 2027 as it does today.

V. Contreras “Like It’s Yesterday”

Broke Royals “As Long As I Can See”

Broke Royals’ “As Long As I Can See” is an incredibly passionate and softly-stated track. The honest and richly emotive sound of Broke Royals’ latest will invite listeners in. There is an retro sort of synth-pop sound that is fostered during this single which firmly establishes the unique quality of the band. With taut instrumentation and a blending of current rock (fun., Sleeping With Sirens) and 1980s radio standards like Dire Straits and The Police, a wide swath of fans will love what the band crafts here. As Long As I Can See is a tremendous single that we’ll be playing for months at NeuFutur HQ. Continue reading “Broke Royals “As Long As I Can See””