Wilkins – No Expiry Date (CD)

Wilkins – consisting of Mark Wilkins (bass, guitars, and vocals), Julian Wilkins (piano/synths), and Jan Wilkins (acoustic guitars, vocals) – are a family that has been creating music together since 2000. “No Expiry Date” is an album that shows that, even with Julian’s hiatus from the act, that Wilkins is a musical tour de force in the folk music sphere. “Easy” is the first track on “No Expiry Date”, and it immediately hits listeners with a ropy bass line, driving drums and synthesizers that fit in well with the bass focus. The Wilkins do a great job during this introductory track in creating a musical style that speaks equally well to the eighties, nineties, and oughts. The biggest contribution that the Wilkins give to music as a whole is the uniting of electronic-heavy music with the traditionally “unplugged” folk style. Continue reading “Wilkins – No Expiry Date (CD)”

Alex Statan – Go Big or Go Home (CD)

Man, “Future Luver” is an interesting track. The song itself links together rock and funk, while Statan’s output on the track shows influences from artists as different as Lenny Kravitz, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Gavin Degraw. While it would be easy for Statan to go off into absurdity, as acts like Chromeo (“Needy Girl”) and the Bloodhound Gang have done, Statan makes for a track that is compelling, a little goofy, and addictive all at the same time. The charisma that Statan brings to the tracks on “Go Big or Go Home” is similar to acts like “Weird Al” Yankovic and Tenacious D, but there is a dedication to the music by Statan and his band that outstrip the sometimes weak outputs of those two acts. Continue reading “Alex Statan – Go Big or Go Home (CD)”

Camren Von Davis – Bobby Barbados (CD)

“Cactus Lizard” is the initial track on “Bobby Barbados”, and it showcases a very interesting musical style. Von Davis creates a folky, singer-songwriter type of music but creates a narrative style that is not typically present in this style of music. “Cactus Lizard” discusses the quandary of being a lizard where everyone else is a cactus, allowing Von Davis to add a little bit of Mexican influence to the track. The track gradually increases in speed with the danger felt by Von Davis’ character, until that point when “Clouds of Poison” starts up. “Clouds of Poison” is a track that drastically increases the technical complexity of “Bobby Barbados”, blending together drums, guitar, and bass into a scintillating track that shifts back and forth between the constituent elements acting in a harmonious and a dissonant way. Continue reading “Camren Von Davis – Bobby Barbados (CD)”

The Bridge and the Prophet – S/T (CD)

“Jamie” is one of the stand-out tracks on The Bridge and the Prophet’s self-titled release. The track builds off of a seventies pop approach (think Rob Stewart and Cat Stevens), with instrumentation that provides the support for John’s vocals to truly soar. “Heavenly Candle” is a track that will immediately gain the attention of listeners, owing much to the intricate guitar work that is present. The guitar work has a Latin flair and approaches the skill level of an Esteban. While the influences and overall sound of “Heavenly Candle” varies considerably from what “Jamie” originally put forth, The Bridge and the Prophet do a great job in creating cohesion between these tracks. Continue reading “The Bridge and the Prophet – S/T (CD)”

Tilly and the Wall – o (CD)

After four years, it feels like Conor Oberst’s label Team Love has came full circle. The first release on the Team Love label was Tilly and the Wall’s “Wild Like Children”, and at this moment, “o” is the current release that they are pandering. Tilly and the Wall’s “o” is their third full-length release, set on the same 2 year publishing schedule that “Wild Like Children” and “Bottoms of Barrels” had. The first track on “o” is “Tall Tall Grass”, and it provides listeners with a sedate track that is little more than vocals and acoustic guitar. The track benefits from a challenging time signature put forth by the aforementioned vocals, upping listeners’ expectations for “Pot Kettle Black”. Continue reading “Tilly and the Wall – o (CD)”

The Offspring – Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (CD)

The Offspring have been around longer than about 90% of their fan base has been alive. This means that the act has been together since 1984, and “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” shows off a maturity that befits a band that is on their eighth studio album. The album follows from “Splinter” in that all four recording members of the band – Dexter Holland, Noodles, Greg K and session member Josh Freese, recorded on “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace”. “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” is an early hit for The Offspring, showing a more heavy and emotional version of the band that has crafted hit after hit in the punk genre. Continue reading “The Offspring – Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (CD)”

There For Tomorrow – S/T EP (CD)

Hopeless Records has had a hell of a long streak of simply amazing albums, whether it be Amber Pacific, or The Dangerous Summer. The fact is that “Deadlines” is the first track on this EP, and it largely showcases the same attention to quality and solid arrangements that Hopeless acts are really known for. The emotive style of the band has a hopeful sound to it despite a much more nuanced and intricate sound that bubbles beneath the surface. “Pages” is a track that starts literally like any one of one hundred songs before it, but where There For Tomorrow goes after that is the reason why they are a Hopeless act and are not currently languishing in indie obscurity. Continue reading “There For Tomorrow – S/T EP (CD)”

Paper Rival – Dialog

Paper Rival has torn up CMJ showcases, toured with acts like Nightmare of You, and have even been noted by Spin as an “Artist of the Day”. “Foreign Film Collection” is the first stand-out hit during this album. This is due to the fact that the act is able to create an emotive and grave sound to their tracks that will have individuals hearing a heavy Death Cab for Cutie. Where there seems to be a sedate side to Paper Rival at point, the act really steps into high gear to show an intensity to their emotions and arrangements that gives listeners the evidence why groups and magazines have been so high on the band. Continue reading “Paper Rival – Dialog”

Alone In The Dark: Music From The Video Game (CD)

While we have had a number of opportunities to have a shot at reviewing the soundtrack or score from a movie, I believe that this is the first time that wehere at NeuFutur have been tapped to go forth and do a review about the soundtrack/score from a video game. Oliver Deriviere (composing) and Dora Hristova (conducting) have created the score to this Atari game, a re-vamp of the classic Alone In The Dark franchise. Deriviere is still a relative unknown at this time, previously being tapped for the two ObsCure games that were released in 2005 and 2007, respectively. To make the Alone In The Dark score something special, Deriviere has enlisted the vocal skills of the Choir of Bulgarian Voices. Continue reading “Alone In The Dark: Music From The Video Game (CD)”