Julie Clark – Change Your Mind

We may already have received one of the best albums to be released in 2009. This album, Julie Clark’s 1/13/2009 release Change Your Mind, really places the bar for any GLBT musician that much further than it had been in 2008. This is due to the fact that Clark’s music simultaneously struggles for the GLBT cause without being circumscribed by what listeners tend to assume about GLBT-oriented artists. When January 13th comes around, make it a point to pick up “Change Your Mind”. The amount of touching personal narrative is just one of the reasons that this album is essential: one need only listen to “If It Weren’t For That” to understand how much Clark is bringing to the table. Continue reading “Julie Clark – Change Your Mind”

Triptaka – Second War (CD)

“Suspended” is the first track on “Second War”, and it showcases a type of rock that skillfully and deftly brings together hard rock, industrial, and even a little bit of New Wave music into something that is slinky and will ultimately be on listeners minds for long after the disc packs it in. That means that there are hints of Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Stabbing Westward, and even minor amounts of Korn in the compositions that come forth during “Second War”. Continue reading “Triptaka – Second War (CD)”

Ping Trace – Traces (CD)

“At Ease” is the first introduction that many individuals will have to Ping Trace. The great thing is that the act does not limit themselves with “At Ease” in the slightest. Bits of natural (drumming) and artificial elements (scratching) fuse together to create a chill sound that is perfect for any downtempo type of party or gathering. While there may be some vocals here, these are part of a sample that is modified in such a way to increase the harmonies first explicated during this track. Regardless, listeners will be in a receptive state by the end of “At Ease”. Continue reading “Ping Trace – Traces (CD)”

The Reel Banditos – Indochina (CD)

The Reel Banditos are a unique act. Imagine if CCR mated with KMFDM and listeners will have some sort of clue what The Reel Banditos are doing during this EP. Where there are no vocals during this track, The Reel Banditos do a heck of a job creating an easy to follow narrative that is present at all points during this track. Their dedication to this sound continues through this EP, and can especially be heard (and seen) during their single, “Huey”. Continue reading “The Reel Banditos – Indochina (CD)”

Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)

Everyone has their musical fantasies, those songs you listen to during the nastiest of sexy-times. Well I think that’s what Sergeant had in mind when they recorded their 2006 album Midnight to Midnight. I’ve heard some pretty wacky songs over my short years but this is some straight tie you up beat you and burn you shit. Total SNM debauchery, but all in all the tunes aren’t that bad. Continue reading “Sergeant – Midnight to Midnight (CD)”

Exceptional Edward – Lost at Sea (CD)

Come along on this fantastic voyage that Exceptional Edward has prepared for us with their 2008 album Lost at Sea. Exceptional Edwards offers up eleven well played songs for our listening pleasure. It’s soft to the ears for with a very laid back approach throughout. Continue reading “Exceptional Edward – Lost at Sea (CD)”

Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP / The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow – The House of Apples and Eyeballs

Five psychedelic songs, twenty-five minutes and a whole lot to think about afterwards. Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP gives all you could ever ask for with five really weird songs that do all kinds of weird things. I was taken aback by the sheer nuttyness of this album but it does have it’s crazy vibe down to a valid science offering some pretty good tunes…for the most part. Plus, it comes with a really weird poster of a dog riding a horse who looks like a human! Continue reading “Papertrigger – Riot Lovers EP / The Octopus Project/Black Moth Super Rainbow – The House of Apples and Eyeballs”

Michael Zapruder – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope

Anyone who knows me, knows this: I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with bears, such a sucker that later in the month I’ll be getting a panda bear tattoo and no it won’t be a lame punx-roxor one I’m too cool for that. So what does this have to do with Michael Zapruder’s – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope? Well it has some awesome cover art that I want to get a print of and hang on my wall. But sadly, that’s about the only thing that’s awesome about this album. Continue reading “Michael Zapruder – Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope”

Planeside – Under the circumstances it’s not such a bad idea… (CD)

Planeside – Under the circumstances it’s not such a bad idea… is an engrossing album. It offers six songs clocking in just under twenty minutes. Daniella the first track a pop-punk diddy about a girl, just the way it should be upbeat and a play off the pain reminds me of the summer of 97′ ya know when me and some guys started a band tried real hard? Continue reading “Planeside – Under the circumstances it’s not such a bad idea… (CD)”

Dead Heart Bloom – Fall In (CD)

Back in my high school days I fell victim to The Arcade Fire hysteria that was sweeping the underground. For those of you who don’t remember this you came to late or too early to really appreciate what was so great and new about them. I feel that the EP I hold in my hands by Dead Heart Bloom entitled Fall In is just as good if not better then the first time I heard Neighborhood. Continue reading “Dead Heart Bloom – Fall In (CD)”