Strangers Die Every Day – Aperture For Departure

Strangers Die Every Day – Aperture For Departure / 2008 This Generation Tapes / 11 Tracks / /

Few acts can pull off an instrumental album and keep the attention of individuals through a full length album. Strangers Die Every Day do just that, and their “Aperture For Departure” is a disc that will keep individuals engrossed in the band for a good fifty minutes. The strings that start off the disc’s first track, “And The Blood Shall Spill” give a sorrowful, classically-leaning style to the track. When the drums kick in, a little martial influence places the track in some sort of anti-war sentiment. The great thing about this instrumental type of rock is that, save for the titles of the tracks, individuals are completely left in the dark about what the band is intending to do with the song. Continue reading “Strangers Die Every Day – Aperture For Departure”

All Crazy – Sex Drugs & Hip Rock

All Crazy – Sex Drugs & Hip Rock / 2007 Self / 14 Tracks / /

All Crazy are trying to follow acts like Gym Class Heroes in the incorporation of emo and hip-hop. The first track on the album is “Scarface”, and it provides fans of all genres something to appreciate. Where acts have tried to combine each of the different genres in the past, it seems that All Crazy is the first act to create this combined style without having everything seem out of place. The funky style of “Jungle Juice” adds another set of influences to All Crazy’s repertoire. Continue reading “All Crazy – Sex Drugs & Hip Rock”

Orion Rigel Dommisse – What I Want From You Is Sweet

Orion Rigel Dommisse – What I Want From You Is Sweet / 2007 Drag City / 10 Tracks / / /

“Fake Yer Death” is the first single on “What I Want From You”, and it is very deliberate in its composition. The strings provide a very ordered and sedate bed for Dommisse’s vocals to lies on. Dommisse does more with eir vocals that most other musicians; they are not only there to tell a story, but to add further instrumentation to the track. The tracks on the album do not have any specific genre linkage, but bounce around from indie to folk and even musical styles from the early twentieth century. These disparate elements are linked together by Dommisse into something that is unique, and works well in the current context. Continue reading “Orion Rigel Dommisse – What I Want From You Is Sweet”

Mountain Home – S/T EP

Mountain Home – S/T EP / 2007 Language of Stone /

“The Sparrow” is the first track on this eponymous CD, and it shows that Mountain Home is an amazing act. There are least three different lines that individuals can follow during this track. For example, individuals can focus on the dreamy vocals, the droning atmospheric strings, or the meandering guitars present on the track. Any one of these three elements could easily be their own song. Taken together, what results is a nice interplay of distinct elements, one that keeps individuals listeners even as they try to decipher hat the band is trying to do here. While the track is miles away from anything else that has been on rotation radio in the last twenty-five years, Mountain Home’s own version of folksy indie music is something that individuals can easily love. Continue reading “Mountain Home – S/T EP”

Phillip Lambro – The Film Music of Phillip Lambro

Phillip Lambro – The Film Music of Phillip Lambro / 2008 Perseverance / 25 Tracks /

The amount of music that is present on “The Film Music of Phillip Lambro” is simply stunning. Essentially, what Perseverance did here was put Lambro’s musing on four movies – Mineral King, Father Pat, Celebration, and Git! – onto one composition. Individuals may be familiar with Lambro’s previous scores, which included works done for Blood Voyage (Nightmare Voyage in the U.K.), Murph The Surf, La Tumba de la Isla Maldita, and And Now Miguel. Continue reading “Phillip Lambro – The Film Music of Phillip Lambro”

Barry Adamson – Back To The Cat

Barry Adamson – Back To The Cat / 2008 Central Control International / 10 Tracks / /

Individuals may not be able to immediately associate the name Barry Adamson with any acts. This is due to the fact that much of Adamson’s most known works were those that backed up charismatic lead singers, with Adamson spending time in acts like Visage, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Pan Sonic in the past. “Back To The Cat” marks Adamson’s 9th album in 19 years, and continues building off of the styles and approaches that were first broached during 2006’s “Stranger on the Sofa”. Continue reading “Barry Adamson – Back To The Cat”

MOTU – Roadhouse Jesters

MOTU – Roadhouse Jesters / 2008 Dr. Richard Michelson / 13 Tracks / /

This is the eighth release by MOTU, and individuals will be immediately attacked by the brand of blues and funk that the band inserts into each and every track. However, individuals should know that the band did not play together before this disc was recorded – some of the members did not even know each other in the slightest! Coupled with the allure of the band’s compositions on “Roadhouse Jesters”, the production on the disc is impressive enough to confuse individuals into thinking that the act went into the studio to create this album. Continue reading “MOTU – Roadhouse Jesters”

New Found Glory – Hits

New Found Glory – Hits / 2008 Geffen / 12 Tracks / / /

New Found Glory has been around for a very long time when it comes to pop-punk bands. Individuals may have thought that the act started up in 1999, when their “Nothing Gold Can Stay” brought the world “Hit or Miss”. If individuals missed that minor hit, chances are good that they might have thought that the band started in 2002, when they again charted with their “Head On Collision”. This CD culls all of the band’s hits together into one package, save for the act’s cover of Sixpence None The Richer’s “Kiss Me”. Continue reading “New Found Glory – Hits”

Seven Mary Three – Day&NightDriving

Seven Mary Three – Day&NightDriving / 2008 Bellum / 12 Tracks / /

Known for their “Cumbersome”, Seven Mary Three have been outside of the limelight for a few years. This does not mean that the band lost their fan base or anything; the act was attracting fans well before the song hit, being founded in 1992. While original member Jason Pollock is out of the band, the act has decided to go forward, past-fame, and create a solid album in “Day&NightDriving”. This, their seventh full album, shows listeners a higher amount of maturity than has been found in any previous 7M3 album. The disc starts out with their first single, “Last Kiss”. Continue reading “Seven Mary Three – Day&NightDriving”

The Duke Spirit – Neptune

The Duke Spirit – Neptune / 2008 Shangri-La / 12 Tracks / /

There is no reason why the opening track, “I Do Believe”, should be on this disc at all. The track does not give individuals any sense of who The Duke Spirit are or what they are intending to do on their “Neptune”. In fact, the repetitions of the phrase are something that will actually draw individuals away from wanting to listen to this album. In fact, the nearest thing that I can compare “I Do Believe” to is a rap skit; both drive individuals away in droves, because they are so damn atrocious. Luckily for listeners “Send A Little Love Token” is a track that will bring individuals back, and keep them focused on the rest of “Neptune”. The brand of rock that The Duke Spirit play simultaneously presses on the work of Heart and Fleetwood Mac while giving current music fans something to gnaw on. Continue reading “The Duke Spirit – Neptune”