Sing It Loud – S/T EP

Sing It Loud play a brand of emo that is a linkage between acts like Boys Like Girls and Amber Pacific. There is not quite as much in the way of synthesizers on a Sing It Loud track as there are during a Rocket Summer track, but the same infectious type of pop is similar in all three cases. “No One Can Touch Us” features Alex Gaskarth, of All Time Low, and represents Sing It Loud’s first hit on this EP. “I’ve Got A Feeling” thus has some big shoes to feel, and the track immediately equals (if not surpasses) “No One Can Touch Us” through an infectious synth that approximates a set of vocals. Continue reading “Sing It Loud – S/T EP”

36 Crazyfists – The Tide and Its Takers

36 Crazyfists – The Tide and Its Takers / 2008 Ferret / 11 Tracks / / /

The first track on “The Tide And Its Takers” is “The All Night Lights”, a track that shows that the very angular hardcore that 36 Crazyfists play can be modified by the inclusion of a more classic metal type of tint. This means that, while the track is definitely ready for any hard rock or metal radio station, the work of 36 Crazyfists is compelling to a wider listener subset. The band follow sup “The All Night Lights” wit “We Gave It Hell”, a track that vacillates between the stoner metal of Fu Manchu and “Deliverance”-era Corrosion of Conformity and Monster Magnet and Foo Fighters. Continue reading “36 Crazyfists – The Tide and Its Takers”

Pro|Click Mobile Mouse

Pro|Click Mobile / 2008 Razer / /

This is the first time that we’ve actually received computer peripherals for review in NeuFutur. Sure, we’ve received CDs, DVDs, video games, and the like in the past, but Razer (through Rogers and Cowan) was gracious enough to provide us with a review copy of the mouse. A first glance at the mouse shows that Razer actually cares about the left-handed user base when it comes to mouse design; the mouse has an ambidextrous design, instead of being skewed to the side like so many other mice. The colors themselves are a nice change from the ordinary, as well; where there are a lot of white, grey, and black mice cluttering up the shelves. Continue reading “Pro|Click Mobile Mouse”

The Moviegoers – Or The Gun

The Moviegoers – Or The Gun / 2008 Mangoose / 6 Tracks / /

The Moviegoers have been around in one form or another since 2004, when they were known as Your Future In Plastics. “Or The Gun” is the second EP by The Moviegoers, and it shows significant improvement over their previous EP, “The Code is Obvious”. “Or The Gun” starts off with “SS Vaseline”, a track that provides individuals with an angular bit of rock. The extended lean-in to this track provides a perfect framework with which the vocals can rest on. The sedate vocals that are prominent during “SS Vaseline” blend in well with the horns and stand in delightfully stark opposition to the jangly guitar lines that are prominent during this track. The disc’s second track is “Living Inside”, which immediately links itself to “SS Vaseline” through a similar approach to vocals. The meandering approach that the band takes during this track provides individuals with different styles and sounds that they can associate with the band. Continue reading “The Moviegoers – Or The Gun”

The Willows – See You Next April

The Willows – See You Next April / 2008 WillowRock / 11 Tracks / /

It is pretty much a proven fact that, as a band gets larger in number, the ability of the act to create something cohesive declines. However, The Willows (a six-piece act from the Boston area) have been able to destroy that conception with their album “See You Next April”. This fact is made more impressive by the fact that The Willows have only been together since 2006. “See You Next April” starts off with a strong introduction to the band, ensuring individual listeners that the act will try their damnedest to impressive any audience. “The Hardened Heart” is a sterling example of the band’s skill and ability. The band shifts general style and sounds a number of times during this track, from nineties alternative to alt-country and to surf, without losing a beat. Furthermore, they are able to link these disparate styles in a way that makes “The Hardened Heart” into a coherent track. Continue reading “The Willows – See You Next April”

Justice of the Unicorns – Angels With Uzis

Justice of the Unicorns – Angels With Uzis / 2008 Little Lamb / 13 Tracks / /

After Justice of the Unicorns introduce their listeners to the band with “Angels Descend”, the first actual track that confronts listeners is “Malibu Is High End”. “Malibu Is High End” is a very odd track due to the warbly vocals that confront listeners. There are hints of Neil Young in these vocals, but the human quality of the vocals operates as a perfect counterpoint to the martial, on-time drumming that lay at the bottom of the track. While there is a much more sedate approach, Justice of the Unicorns seem to have the same influence set that early Radiohead drew their inspirations from. Continue reading “Justice of the Unicorns – Angels With Uzis”

Emily Saxe – Keeping You In Mind

Emily Saxe – Keeping You In Mind / 2007 P.S. Classics / 12 Tracks / /

Even though most individuals are not as of yet familiar with who Emily Saxe is and what ey is looking to do with “Keeping You In Mind”, chances are that individuals will be familiar with some parts of eir pedigree. This is because eir grandfather worked with Johnny Mercer in the creation of some of America’s most known songs. More so than that, Saxe’s mother is a pretty well known jazz pianist. This means that, aside form having to create a catchy and compelling album, Saxe has to go and really fill the footsteps of eir predecessors. The first step forward in trying to do just that is the disc’s title track. “Keeping You In Mind” shows that Saxe is very well cultured in the slinky type of jazz that come out of Harlem nightclubs all through the thirties. Continue reading “Emily Saxe – Keeping You In Mind”

Conchita’s Collective – So It Goes

Conchita’s Collective – So It Goes / 2008 Self / 7 Tracks / /

Conchita’s Collective plays a style of pop music that draws heavily on the dominant styles of the late nineties. It is not a surprise ten that “Just Time” is a track that slowly slinks around, sunny in disposition, while the vocals touch slightly at an early Nelly Furtado type of sound. The energy picks up slightly during the chorus, but individuals should categorize what Conchita’s Collective is doing here in the same vein of SWV or Brandy. The styles that are approached during “Runaway Day” are much of the same that were first broached during “Just Time”. While each of these early tracks are strong in their own right, it seems as if a quicker tempo and a more contemporary sound is what is needed for Conchita’s Collective to conceivably achieve the level of fame that they deserve. Continue reading “Conchita’s Collective – So It Goes”

Joan of Arc – Boo Human

Joan of Arc – Boo Human / 2008 Polyvinyl / 14 Tracks / /

It has been a while since we heard anything from Polyvinyl Records. We gradually drifted apart after The Red Hot Valentines disintegrated, and while there were a few more albums we received, nothing seemed to really capture our attention as much as an RHV album did. The stunning vocals that are the focal point to the introductory track of “Boo Human” capture our attention. The guitars that are present on this track add a little in the way of harmony to the song, but it is the intricate harmonization of the vocals that make this into such an amazing introduction to the band. “Laughter Reflected Back” is the second track on the album, and it provides with another example of the vocals being the one thing that everyone should listen to. Continue reading “Joan of Arc – Boo Human”

Little Maestros – Postcards From My Mind

Little Maestros – Postcards From My Mind / 2008 Kid Rhino / 28 Tracks / / /

Before I picked up “Postcards From My Mind”, I had no idea who the Little Maestros were or what they were trying to do. I guess that is because I’m not a parent, but for anyone that may become a parent in the months and years to come, some attention should be paid to this CD and this act. This is because the Little Maestros are created to really showcase the delightfulness of live music to the youngest ones in the audience, in the hope that they can gain an appreciation for music that will be present throughout their life. While the live aspect of the performance is part of the fun, Rhino has done well in capturing the spirit and talent of the act in its full glory. Continue reading “Little Maestros – Postcards From My Mind”