The Hanslick Rebellion – The Deli of Life

The Hanslick Rebellion – The Deli of Life / 2007 Eschatone / 6 Tracks / /

“You Are Boring The Shit Out of Me” Is that stand-out track during “The Rebellion Is Here”. The song starts out with an instrumental interlude that will slowly worm its way into each listener’s head. The track, which deals with the banality of office work, has hints of System of a Down and Tenacious D present. The myriad styles used during this track turns the sub-four minute track into something that could conceivably be expanded to a theme album. The To My Surprise-like bass dynamic on this track solidifies this as single fodder for The Hanslick Rebellion, and this is just one of many strong shots from the band on this EP. “Photograph” brings a little bit more of the sixties to the forefront.More…

The fuzzy guitar work during this track pushes the style to a slightly newer, Replacement-like approach. The track has a number of things happening at the same thing, and it is hard at times for The Hanslick Rebellion to subjugate all parts of the song into one cohesive sound. The band, when they are on during “Photograph”, make a song that could easily make it onto any of the late sixties Bowie albums. It is when the band loses focus that there seems to be a few chinks in their armor. While there are other moments during “The Rebellion Is Here” that The Hanslick Rebellion loses their focus, it is much more often the case that the act is able to create tracks with the amazing versatility that was first present in “You Are Boring The Shit Out of Me”. I know that I will be looking for their full length follow up to this EP soon, and you should be as well. If you are in their area, give them a few bucks, get an EP, and check them out live.

Top Track: You Are Boring The Shit Out of Me

Rating: 6.8/10

The Silver Seas – High Society

The Silver Seas – High Society / 2005 Cheap Lullaby / 11 Tracks / /

Two years of distance between when this album came out and when it was originally recorded does not even put a minute layer of dust on the compositions that The Silver Seas (formerly The Bees) put together on their “High Society”. Daniel, Jason, John, and David are able to craft a style that is first present during “The Country Life” and continues all the way through the ending of the disc’s final track, “The Broadway Lights”. “The Country Life” has a Ben Folds meets Billy Joel type of approach to rock music. Continue reading “The Silver Seas – High Society”

Goldtoes – The Gold Rush

Goldtoes – The Gold Rush / 2007 Self / 14 Tracks /

Goldtoes is the individual that is associated with Thizz Latin, the CEO of the firm. The first track on “The Gold Rush” is “Blow It”, and it brings all of the energy and style that any current rapper has. There is not much of a commonality to specific rappers out currently, but Goldtoes provides individuals with something different that still has a lot of what is popular present in its construction. “Still in Da Hood” brings a little bit of the Latin flow to the track, while the focal point of the track, the vocals, provide individuals with hooky lines and catchy constructions. Continue reading “Goldtoes – The Gold Rush”

Chris Rice – What a Heart is Beating For

Chris Rice – What a Heart is Beating For / 2007 Sony / 11 Tracks / / /

When I still was seriously into Christian music, Chris Rice was an individual that I encountered. I was not too familiar with eir work, but I heard a few tracks here and there that I like. “What a Heart is Beating For” starts off with “So Much For My Sad Song”, a hopefully track that will play well on the contemporary Christian and adult contemporary Christian charts. Hints of Audio Adrenaline as well as John Maher are present during this vocal and guitar-focused track. The title track goes and changes what individuals would think about Chris Rice, as the emotional intensity of this track exceeds that of “So Much”, while the arrangements decrease in frequency. Continue reading “Chris Rice – What a Heart is Beating For”

She Wants Revenge – This Is Forever

She Wants Revenge – This Is Forever / 2007 Universal / 13 Tracks / / /

You know, I don’t remember She Wants Revenge charting in 2005 and 2006, and apparently they did for “Tear You Apart” and “These Things”, hitting #5 and #22 on the U.S. Modern Rock charts. “True Romance” is one of the singles off of the track, and it shows She Wants Romance as an act that is tremendously influenced by the style present during the middle to late eighties. The band creates a rock style that has much more in common with Depeche Mode and New Order than Godsmack and Creed. Continue reading “She Wants Revenge – This Is Forever”

Baby Elephant – Turn My Teeth Up

Baby Elephant – Turn My Teeth Up / 2007 Godforsaken / 17 Tracks / /

Baby Elephant consists of Prince Paul (producer of 3rd Bass, De La Soul and part of Handsome Boy Modeling School) and Bernie Worrell, of Parliament and the Talking Heads. Rounding out the trio is Don Newkirk, who has been associated with Prince Paul. The disc is laid out like many classic rap albums, int hat there are countless skits that break up the momentum and lead Baby Elephant treacherously close to the rocks. However, the ability shown by the act, especially during tracks such as “Baby Elephants-N-Thangs”, more than makes up for any weaknesses associated with the skits. The trippy style of “Baby Elephants-N-Thangs” leads in quite nicely to the early nineties flow of “Plainfield”. Continue reading “Baby Elephant – Turn My Teeth Up”

West Indian Girl – 4th and Wall

West Indian Girl – 4th and Wall / 2007 Milan / 11 Tracks / /

West Indian Girl have been around as a band since at least 2004, when they released their self-titled debut album on Astralwerks. Members of West Indian Girl have worked together before, as Robert James and Francis Ten were previously in WIG. “To Die in L.A.” is the first track on “4th and Wall”, and while it does not provide much more than an introduction to the band, its position is important to the overall sound of the rest of the disc. “Indian Ocean” is a track that is much more in tune with the style put forth by West Indian Girl. The emotive guitar work paints a sunny sound scape, while the intensity kicks up after the double vocals unite. Continue reading “West Indian Girl – 4th and Wall”

Digby – What’s Not Plastic

Digby – What’s Not Plastic / 2007 Toucan Cove / 6 Tracks / http;// / /

Digby start out “What’s Not Plastic” with a brand of rock that links together middle to late nineties rock with a little bit of Our Lady Peace to create something that can speak equally well to the past and present rock fan. The production is solid, and while there is a lot of guitar fuzz during “”New America”, the solid vocals shine through brightly. This is not a radio-ready track but it pushes Digby closer to the creation of one. “Self Evaluation” brings a little bit of Dylan into the lead vocals, while the somewhat Spartan style of the rest of the band’s instrumentation is closer to The Replacements and Husker Du than anything else. The addition of the synthesizer to the mix gives the track a fullness that only increases Digby’s stock further. Continue reading “Digby – What’s Not Plastic”

The Simpsons: Testify

The Simpsons: Testify / 2007 Shout Factory / 41 Tracks / / /

Throughout the years, The Simpsons have had a number of different CDs capturing the countless songs that have been present during the show’s run. This disc collects the songs that made it into episodes during the 10th through the 18th seasons. Of particular note right off the bat are “Homer & Marge”, a parody of “Jack & Diane” done by Weird Al Yankovic, “Glove Slap”, a play on “Love Shack”, and “Lady” by Ricky Gervais (The Office). These tracks are merely the highlights on an album that exhaustively collects all the times that The Simpsons (or individuals that deal with the family) have broke into song; “Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl”, “We Are The Jockeys” and “A Star Is Torn (Medley)” may not feature guest stars but are of the same high quality that Simpsons-themed music has always been known for. Continue reading “The Simpsons: Testify”

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Home For Christmas

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Home For Christmas / 2007 U-Watch / 11 Tracks / /

Hall and Oates have been together for longer than I have been alive. As I get older, the number of acts that can say that decreases, but Hall and Oates have been cranking out their music for about forty years now. However, “Home For Christmas” is a little bit different from their traditional fare. First off, some of the proceeds that are received from this disc (which originally came out in 2006) go to the organization Toys for Tots. Secondly, the tracks present on this disc are covers of Christmas classics by Hall and Oates. That means that “The First Noel”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, “O Holy Night” and “The Christmas Song” all make it onto the disc.

However, there are a few Christmas songs that rear their heads on the album that I am not familiar with. I’m not sure if that is because I’m just not a big holiday person or if they are new to everyone, but songs like “Home For Christmas” and “No Child Should Ever Cry on Christmas” provide individuals a pure reason to listen to the disc. The choice of songs has to be the strongest that I have heard on any Christmas album. It just seems all too common for individuals that are trying to make it big with a Christmas album to load their disc up with the standards that are repeated practically every hour instead of coming up with differently-themed Christmas songs or even pulling out some traditional stuff that is not heard as often as other songs. Continue reading “Daryl Hall & John Oates – Home For Christmas”