Cheap Sex Interview with Mike Virus

Cheap Sex Interview with Mike Virus
[Conducted by JMcQ, 05 August 2006]

What does the band’s name, “Cheap Sex”, mean? Why was it chosen?

Mike – The name Cheap Sex doesn’t have any meaning behind it. We were looking for a name that had some humor that would grab attention on a flyer. I mentioned the name ‘Cheap Sex’ and we just decided to go with it. Continue reading “Cheap Sex Interview with Mike Virus”

The Rocket Summer Interview (JMcQ)

This interview was conducted by JMcQ with Bryce, the mastermind behind The Rocket Summer. Check TRS on the road this summer, and pick up their new album “Do You Feel” tomorrow.

What are your overall goals for The Rocket Summer? Do you feel that you have accomplished these goals?

– I want to create music that I love and that brings Hope and inspiration. As far as wondering If I have accomplished that, I have brief moments where I think I have but wanting to do more is something that will never end. Continue reading “The Rocket Summer Interview (JMcQ)”

Steve Lieberman Interview

This is an interview that James McQuiston conducted with Steve Lieberman. Lieberman, the “Gangsta Rabbi”, released eir “Melancholia Falling” a few months back. Check out eir website at .

When and why did you first get into creating music?

In 1968 I wrote something for clarinet and trumpet and played bass in some successful local rock bands til 1978.. the ‘modern age’ started in 1981 when i put the theory i had developed as a boy to the test. If you take a bass and distort it to the max and play double stops with fifth intervals you can be a solo artist without knowing the guitar. to this day i can’t play the guitar at all. Continue reading “Steve Lieberman Interview”

The Bloody Irish Boys Interview

The Bloody Irish Boys Interview
Explain to us the genesis of the Bloody Irish Boys. How exactly have you insinuated yourself into local music in the past, and how is being the headmaster of this new act an extension of this involvement? I have been around in the local music scene for countless years. I was never into music much until my great grandpa gave me his acoustic guitar before he died. I soon after bought an electric guitar which was much easier to play than an old warped acoustic that the frets stand up on. After getting an electric I tried starting several of my own punk rock bands that never did much of anything due to the other band members. I also have been involved with many existing local bands offering to fill in any open spots for just about any band that is competent enough to play with. Continue reading “The Bloody Irish Boys Interview”