Rye Coalition – The Story of the Hard Luck 5

It’s a surprisingly common story: local band builds up a big regional following thanks to DIY recording and constant touring; gets discovered by a major label, signed and before the album comes out the record company implodes and the band goes back to near obscurity. Continue reading

Chil Wil The Panther EP Review

A number of the rappers that are currently looking to break it big glom onto established rap flows for their claim to fame. Chil Wil is an artist that comes forth with a distinctive style of rap that will tattoo itself into the minds and hearts of listeners. The production of this EP makes each of the five cuts ready for rap rotation; the album’s initial track Stridin straddles the line between gritty street anthem and smart flow. The epic beat that starts out He Hate Me is built upon by Chil Wil’s deft rapping skills; instrumental and vocal combine to create something substantive and effecting. Chil Wil’s style here touches upon 50 Cent while keeping the absolute harmony of his flow high. The lyrics are crisp and clear, pushing the composition to an entirely new plateau. Continue reading

Loudwire Music Festival Announces New 2015 Performers

LOUDWIRE MUSIC FESTIVAL continues to grow the line-up for the inaugural three day, multi-stage rock festival with the addition of seven-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated rock legend, visionary filmmaker, and author Rob Zombie and alt-rock heroes Weezer as festival headliners. Continue reading

Luke Jon Shearer Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind CD Review

Luke Jon Shearer crafts a style of music on his Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind that is wholly distinct from other music coming down the pipeline. There are healthy doses of late-nineties Britpop and darkly emotive industrial elements, but the human element contributed to the compositions by Shearer spins the resulting songs in a bold new dimension. There is considerable cohesion that exists during the initial registers of the disc (Black Rain and Precious One) that ensures listeners will be sticking with the album from stem to stern. Continue reading