Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in The Alice Cooper Group by Dennis Dunaway and Chris Hodenfield

One of the most surprising revelations to come out of the memoir from Alice Cooper’s former bassist is not the fact that Cooper was an alcoholic (Cooper has admitted that himself), it’s not how callously he ditched his childhood friends for interchangeable band mates once he started to make it big and go solo; rather it’s the fact that Cooper, long since sober, ended up not only reading the memoir, but handing over a blurb for the author to put on the book’s jacket. Continue reading

The Very Fairy Princess DVD

The Very Fairy Princess is a set of four stories – the titular tale, Extra Yarn, The Amazing Bone, and My Garden. Extra Yarn, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen (This is Not My Hat) discusses how one can utilize their imagination to transform normal life into something fantastic. What initially is something that keeps a child interested can involve a family or town; all one needs to do is dream and one’s dreams can be realized. Continue reading

Make It So : Unchained 19 (Summit Brewing)

Make It So is the latest contribution to the Unchained Series by St. Paul’s Summit Brewing, linking together the British Extra Special Bitter (ESB) style with Captain Picard’s favorite beverage, Earl Grey tea. The beer pours with a medium brown to a copper coloration and has a fairly straightforward malt nose. When one takes their initial sip of Make It So, the presence of the tea becomes evident. There is a floral element that works nicely with the bold malt tastes and smaller hop bite (Summit uses a blend of hops including Admiral, Challenger, Aurora, Fuggle, and Target varieties), creating a medium-bodied beer that is easy to drink. The Earl Grey adds a smokiness to the beer, while there is a layering effect present which allows imbibers to taste the constituent elements of the beer (hops, malts, and tea). Continue reading

2XONE Single Varietal Double India Pale Ale

The 2015 2XONE ties together Superior Pale malt with Equinox hops to make for an intensely bitter beer that possesses just enough in the way of sweet to create a solid balance. The beer pours with a yellowish-tan color and a small amount of off-white head that leaves a decent amount of lacing. The malt side of 2XONE inserts hints of nuttiness and yeast into the mix. The alcohol burn is present here, adding another chair to a deep symphony. Each sip of this double IPA will provide imbibers with a slightly different constellation of flavors, meaning that the crisp bite of green peppers, the citrus elements of a lemon, and floral notes play at the periphery while oily hop elements and broad malt notes dominate. Continue reading

Feron Media

When we receive an electronic press kit from a band, it usually ends up in the trashcan unless there is something that separates the act from the other 100 that clog up our inbox every day. Part of the decision about whether we ultimately interview or review the performer concerns the visual component – what does their logo elicit from us, how does their website engage readers, and what does their initial pitch say? A number of artists will send us a plain text mail with no links, no pictures, and no idea about what they want to do. Picking a firm to assist with the contact and visual components is essential for getting editors like myself to assign one’s CD, EP, or single to a review. Continue reading