Kate Callahan Two Doors EP Review

Kate Callahan place six cuts on her Two Doors EP that provide a great introduction to her music. The titular track on Two Doors showcases interesting narration and a pepy, catchy set of vocals. The instrumentation gradually takes a more focal role until it threatens to dwarf Kate’s vocals; the dramatic climax of this track places each side at a completely higher plateau. Continue reading

Western Education Let Your Secrets Out CD Review

Peace is a high energy track that links together emotive rock, Franz Ferdinand, New Order, and the Psychedelic Furs. With a deft blending of electronic and raw human emotion, the music that is crafted on Let Your Secrets Out is impressive. With each side of the band chugging away at high gear, the band will have the minds and hearts of listeners by the end of the introductory track on Let Your Secrets Out. Continue reading

Sonali Wake Up EP Review

Wake Up is the first track on Sonali’s new EP, and it provide listeners with a confident female singer-songwriter that deftly blends together country, oughts pop, and wraps up the resulting track with a production that immediately establishes the track as one that could easily make it onto radio rotation. Who We Are links together vocals and guitars to make for a wide-open composition replete with lyrics that will stick around with listeners long after the track has ceased. Continue reading


Wormwood is an anthemic electronic duo comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Christina Willatt and multi-instrumentalist/producer Andrew Wenaus. Originally from Saskatchewan, Canada, the band is currently situated in London, Ontario. Their sound is perhaps best described by Jim DiGioia of Quick Before It Melts who stated “if 18th century ghosts haunted 21st century dance clubs, they’d probably sound exactly like Wormwood.” The duo’s striking sound combines elements of pop, post-rock, folk, punk, noise, classical, electronica, bebop, avant-garde, IDM, and film sound design. The impetus for the group stems from the members’ ambivalence towards the overwhelming sense of ubiquity and simultaneity in contemporary pop culture: beauty and mystery, simplicity and chaos, pleasure and angst, responsibility and fantasy, group heterarchy and the haunting of celebrity hierarchy. Continue reading