The Drop by Dennis Lehane (Book)

Dennis Lehane is no stranger to Hollywood, having seen his books Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island all make their way from the bookshelf to movie screen. The Drop is different only in the time it has taken for it to hit theaters, coming out as a book and a movie at the same time.

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Rage DVD Review

Nicholas Cage and Danny Glover star in this film, which surrounds Paul Maguire’s (Cage) struggle to locate his daughter, and the violence that has to occur before he can realize this goal. Forced to resume a life that he thought was dead, Paul is forced to jump through dangerous and deadly hurdles to get back one of the individuals mooring him to a normal life. Continue reading

Karim Baggili Kali City CD Review

Karim Baggili’s latest effort, Kali City, features Le Trio Joubran. The first few efforts of the album (Down Town, Ella & Jad, Dawn at Sea, Big Fish, and Silent Stories) provide listeners with a stellar introduction to Baggali’s unparalleled approach to world music. Arabic Circus is a stellar effort in terms of how taut the instrumentation is, while there is a fun and playful sound that is cultivated by the interplay of the instrumentation. Baggali’s tracks on Kali City are able to possible considerable narrative qualities, taking listeners through an entire story by the interactions between each musical element. Continue reading

The Sex Pistols on TV DVD

It’s sometimes easy to forget just how controversial the genre of punk rock was years ago. Long before every mall in America flogged Ramones and Clash t-shirts and before 6-year old kids were sporting mohawks on the school bus, the Sex Pistols scandalized a conservative England and eventually the U.S., by going on a live TV Show and cursing at stuffy host Bill Grundy, essentially ending his career and launching theirs. Continue reading


Run The Jewels, the super dynamic duo of El-P and Killer Mike, two of the most distinctive and celebrated names in rap, have announced their sophomore album RTJ2 is set to drop on October 28th. Newly signed to Mass Appeal Records, the album will be released in a variety of formats, including free download, CD, LP, and digital.” The immensely anticipated album includes guests ranging from Zach de la Rocha to Travis Barker among others TBA, but the duo maintain the album is first and foremost about the creative partnership between the MCs themselves. “We are very excited to bring you the next chapter of Run The Jewels via the good folks at Mass Appeal” states El-P. “We can make no promises about the safety of any animals involved in the creation of this record.” Killer Mike adds, “It is the best rap group album since RTJ1!” In conjunction with the announcement Run The Jewels have shared the full version of “Blockbuster Night”, an excerpt of which dominated the internet on its release just a few weeks ago. Continue reading