ZVOX Soundbase.220 Soundbar

The Soundbase.220 is a perfect introductory model for anyone that wishes to have faithful recreations of audio, atmospheric sounds, and music. The small form of the Soundbase.220 means that one will be able to stick the soundbar anywhere near their television / home theater system.  This soundbar is a single piece; ZVOX has made it easy to coordinate the soundbar with the television remote, meaning that the bass and treble will be immaculate. The company has the PhaseCue Virtual Surround Sound included on the Soundbase.220 that allows for a richer sound than would normally be present from a similar device. Continue reading

Ryan’s Buffet

Is a buffet that has a wide variety of options that will ensure that visitors of all ages and tastes to find something that they can appreciate. The protein side of the buffet is stocked, with sausage, fried chicken, grilled steak, popcorn shrimp, two varieties and fried pork chops. The salad bar section is well-stocked with considerable amounts of vegetables , fruits, and dressings. There are a few distinct types of cuisine available, with tacos and rice, General Tso’s chicken, and pizza all present. The crowning achievement of the Ryan’s buffet are their variety of rolls. There is an Italian-seasoned roll coupled with a yeast roll that has a generous serving of butter. Continue reading

Super Hero Kim #1 Review

Super Hero Kim is a comic by Richard Larios, founder of Feral Publications. Feral Publications hopes to, “counter the mindless movies/stories that dominate the current pop culture world.” The comic opens with a letter from the creator that states, “It is my hope that this character will deal with Female issues and show the rest of the comic universes what a feminist super hero looks like. I hope you enjoy and share, or dislike and create something better.”  Continue reading

Terror – CBGB OMFUG Masters Live: June 10, 2004 | H2O – CBGB OMFUG Masters Live: August 19, 2002

CBGB’s may be dead and gone – the storied club now a John Varvatos high-end fashion boutique – but thanks to the Masters Live series MVD Audio puts out, the grit, noise and spirit of the tiny rock club inspired, continues into another decade. The latest from this series, on vinyl for the first time, comes from the LA metal band Terror and New York Hardcore group H2O. Continue reading