The Phantom Band reveal fantastically odd new video for “Clapshot”

If there’s a song on The Phantom Band’s brilliant third record, Strange Friend (released earlier this year on Chemikal Underground) to most explicitly typify the Glaswegians’ return to the base rock elements that underpin their artfully skewed sound, then it’s the driving rhythms and subtle-anthemia of new single, ‘Clapshot’. Continue reading


Argentian producer Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito returns from a three-year sojourn with his long awaited third album, Amansara.  Originally coming out of Buenos Aires’s famed digital cumbia scene, Chancha has notoriously broken way outside those boundaries to forge unprecedented mergers between Brazilian rhythms, Paraguayan harp, Andean mysticism and the solitude of Argentinian folklore – all processed through his own futuristic style of post-dubstep.  Chancha’s sound is without question truly unique and instantly recognizable to the point he has become a key reference point for an entire crop of artists that have begun to carry his genes. Continue reading

Bitching Bajas Tour Through October

Tuesday happened to be the most excellent release date of Bitchin’ Bajas‘ self-titled opus. Often flying under the radar of their own volition, it’s become increasingly clear the Bajas can’t be anyone’s best kept secret for long, and Bitchin Bajas is the reason. Over 70 minutes of slow moving acoustics, electronics, and tape machinery, with string arrangements and field recordings fleshing the bone, Bitchin Bajas changes your mood, and your body temperature. The sonics are delicate yet definite, like a guided sub-aquatic submersion. Bitchin Bajas is climate-controlled comprehension – on one hand, an ultimate album, and on the other, barely an album at all. Yes, it’s been released on double-LP and double-cassette (the 2nd cassette an even mellower, exclusive relaxation mix of the album), and now it’s available digitally in a special edition, with analog video accompaniment for all 8 tracks (courtesy of Nick Ciontea from Brownshoesonly), only from our site. To celebrate, we present a Bitchin Bajas preview video, also made by Nick. Bajas-mania is creeping and growing – catch them on tour in Europe later this fall!

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