Joi Noir Self-Titled CD Review

Asphodel is the first track that many well hear from Joi Noir, and it is a hell of a how do you do; the track is able to take up the goth, new romantic, and girl-rock (Bangles, Runaways) styles of the late seventies and the early eighties. Rather than merely looking back, there is a vitality that the band creates that makes each of the tracks on this self-titled album shine in the current era. Cake (The Queen is Dead) is the first single by the band, and it builds off of the work of Bauhaus and Three Imaginary Boys-era The Cure. The song tattoos its sultry melodies deep into the psyche of listeners, while the confident and intense vocals heard here utilize the Sisters of Mercy and 45 Grave as a blueprint. Continue reading

Kihei Kolsch (Maui Brewing Co.)

Kihei Kolsch is Maui Brewing Company’s take on a classic German style. The beer pours with a light yellow with a slight bit of haze to it. The head is fairly thick, possessing an off-white color and a considerable amount of lacing that works its way down the glass. While there are considerable grain flavors that are initially present in the Kihei Kolsch, the beer opens up nicely and will provide imbibers with sweeter elements, hops, and even a little bit of grain on subsequent sips. The beer is able to have a very alluring flavor profile to a wide segment of the drinking population while having enough in the way of twists and turns to make even the most experienced drinker happy. Continue reading

James Rawson Tristan & Isolde CD Review

Alfred is a catchy, hooky effort that begins James Rawson’s latest album, Tristan & Isolde. The track ebbs and flows, increasing and decreasing in speed to ensure that everyone listening in will be agog. Intermezzo may only extend to the minute and a half mark, but the deft composition showcase intricate intimacy; the different elements here combine to create something silky and alluring before the album moves into Dead Bones. Dead Bones furthers a dichotomy between human and inorganic; the shark differences that exist between these two sides make for a stark track that is reigned into a unified approach by Rawson’s talented hand. Continue reading

John Tomaino Wanted Man Single Review

Wanted Man is a John Tomaino track that blends equal amounts rock, pop, and punk into something is wholly immersive and catchy. Each of the constituent elements of the track are able to shine on their own and as a unified effort. The energetic vocals of Tomaino will tattoo themselves deep into the minds and hearts of anyone listening in, while the jangly guitars provide the perfect contrast for the lyrics. Continue reading

Vertex IPA (Destihl)

Destihl has created an India Pale Ale in their Vertex IPA that is able to pop with a considerable amount of hop without overwhelming imbibers. The beer hides its 76 IBU well, pouring with a hazy dark-brown to orange and a nose that does not lean too far into the bitter side of things. When one takes their first sip of the Vertex IPA, citrus and apricot are common along with a strong hop twang at the backside of the quaff. There are smaller notes of grain and malt that can be discerned at the periphery, but this India Pale Ale is pretty straight-forward in the fruit / hop dichotomy. This duality ensures that the alcohol content is hidden perfectly, making the Vertex IPA into something that can easily be downed. Continue reading