Peace Killers Release Debut Album 1/22

Svart Records sets January 22nd, 2016 as the international release date for Peace Killers’ self-titled debut album, to be released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Svart signed Peace Killers to a deal in 2014, and the Sacramento-based band recorded Peace Killers in the summer of 2014 at Earth Tone Studios with the help of local record producer Pat Hills, a force in Sacramento’s strong and proud local music scene. Continue reading

John Malkovich Release Like a Puppet Show 11/27

Like A Puppet Show is a vinyl-only release slated for fall’s Record Store Day tomorrow, Friday November 27. In advance of the release, the trio has now shared the newest single, “Cryocarbon 14C” which was mixed by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD). Of the experience OMD said, “It was fascinating, totally unexpected, an honour and a great challenge to take John Malkovich’s distinctive vocal and cut/paste/twist/distort/edit/repeat it to create a musical dynamic.”

Continue reading

Review of Online Casinos Towards 2016


In case you did not receive the memo, gambling is big business as it is currently constituted. Whether it is sports betting sites that are so prominently advertised during professional rugby and football games in Australia and Europe, paid fantasy sites that run non-stop commercials during American football and basketball games Stateside, or online poker sites, there are new customers every day. This is a big business and the betting companies recognise this, practically tripping over themselves to reel in new clients as quickly as possible before the competition scoops them up. Continue reading

Specyal T C.A.K.E. EP Review

Toronto’s Specyal T has just released her C.A.K.E. EP, a five-track effort that will provide listeners with a full array of styles, influences, and sounds upon which to familiarize themselves with this inimitable performer. The EP begins with Stay With Me, an effort that is a down and dirty club track. The deep and sultry sounds issuing forth here are matched well with intelligent wordplay. Continue reading