Ghostbusters Stay Puft Super Deluxe Edition (12” Vinyl)

Finally the one piece of nostalgia to unite vinyl nerds and kids of the ‘80s: The Ghostbusters Stay Puft Super Deluxe Edition 12”. Side A of this brilliantly creative set is Ray Parker, Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” theme (well, duh) and the flip side is a deliciously dated, but still entertaining “Ghostbusters Rap” by Run DMC (off of the Ghostbusters II soundtrack). Continue reading

Applied Nutriceuticals Fat Free

Applied Nutriceuticals has a new updated version of their Fat Free supplement and I am pleased to report that this product both provides individuals with non jittery and long lasting energy while facilitating the process of losing weight. The supplement uses a number of compounds to create its powerful energy complex and weight loss abilities. The product is based on caffeine at the beginning moving into inclusions like piperine or the active chemical from black pepper. Piperine has been utilized as a thermogenic and energy compounds since the days of Roman gladiators while another inclusion by Applied Nutriceuticals is green coffee extract. This allows people that are taking Fat Free to have caffeine in a format in which they are familiar – as nearly everyone supplements with coffee or mocha styled drinks whether it be cold or warm – during their day. Continue reading

Gravity in Motion, Greenvale, NY

Gravity in Motion is the perfect sort of fitness center to get into shape or otherwise hone one’s skills. The center provides adults and youth with a variety of different programs and classes, while being in a close location for those in Greenvale, New York. The classes that the company offers are approachable in price ($28 for youth and adult classes, with a 10 class course running for about $250-260). For those groups that have their own sort of physical activity, Gravity in Motion rents out their location for around $350 an hour. The Gravity in Motion website contains a large amount of information about the facilities, the specific classes that they offer, and a wide array of pictures and schedules for their upcoming classes. Ther staff is friendly and concerned about the level of overall fitness that one possesses, but remains flexible enough to consider other pitches for the facility. Make it a point to bookmark the Gravity in Motion website to see the latest in terms of updates, and take a look at the company’s various amenities. Continue reading

Neapolitan Milk Stout

The Neapolitan Milk Stout that is currently produced by Saugatuck Brewing Company looks to improve upon a cluttered style. There is only a few breweries currently producing a milk stout and the quality of these efforts ranges pretty considerably. This Neapolitan Milk Stout is one of the best that we have tasted and it looks to go and involve the milk stout format into something that is thirst quenching as well as deep, dark and dank while having hints of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla (Neapolitan ice cream). The beer pours with a very dark complexion and the specific viscosity of the Neapolitan Milk Stout feels to be a little thicker than even the most dense stout on the market. The fruit elements bubble up and become evident at points during the beer, something that provides additional complexity to the effort. Continue reading