The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary Special Edition (Double Vinyl/Double SACD)

Fifty years after its release, the polarizing Rolling Stones classic (yes, classic) Their Satanic Majesties Request is finally getting a much-deserved re-release in the form of a double vinyl set (including mono and stereo versions). The package also includes a double hybrid Super Audio CD as well.

Five Fingertips In Depth

Today, we are speaking with Five Fingertips. We were lucky enough to review their self-titled album last week and had a moment to sit down.   Five Fingertips is your new album. Can you provide us with a brief insight into your process? What were the steps taken between the first thoughts about a tune or … Continue reading “Five Fingertips In Depth”


The latest music video from PUJOL is for the song “Circles“.  The video, directed by Stewart Copeland, is composed of 16,000 still pictures that were assembled into clips inside Photoshop.  Daniel Pujol is singing and moving in half-time to a slowed down track, while the lizards move in real time.  This gives the video a … Continue reading “PUJOL SHARES “CIRCLES” MUSIC VIDEO”

Slinger Interview

Hey,Dave. Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers at NeuFutur? Hello – SLINGER is my nickname and the name of my defunct 80s LA rock band.  I did the song writing, arraigning, recording and most of the instruments on the tracks before presenting to the band for live performances.  However, I went into a … Continue reading “Slinger Interview”

DownTown Mystic Interview

How has your time since the release of your last album changed your outlook toward life? When I released Standing Still in 2010 I had no expectations about anything. Little did I know what kind of adventure I was in for. lol From the start, it was the longest recording project I had ever tackled, … Continue reading “DownTown Mystic Interview”

Magic 2014 Core Set Review

Magic 2014 is a perfect introduction for those players that are looking to get into the game or as a refresher for those that may have stepped away for a few years. The Core Set comes in 15-card boosters, Fat Packs (with 9 packs and a spindown counter), and Intro Decks. The Death Reaper deck … Continue reading “Magic 2014 Core Set Review”


Antarctic rock-gods GWAR today released the first line-up for this year’s GWAR-B-Q, located at Hadad’s Water Park in Richmond, VA. This year sees the event entering its fourth consecutive year while offering its most bone-crushing line-up yet, setting the stage for what will certainly be the most massive GWAR-B-Q in the history of the human … Continue reading “GWAR CONFIRMS DATE AND INITIAL BAND LINEUP FOR 4th ANNUAL GWAR-B-Q”

The View – Cheeky For a Reason CD Review

Over the past year, the label 429 has been building a reputation as a safe haven for 90’s musicians exiled too soon from the majors (Lisa Loeb, Camper Van Beethoven, Soul Asylum, etc.), but if their latest signing, the Scottish indie rockers The View is an indication, they have a hell of a knack for … Continue reading “The View – Cheeky For a Reason CD Review”

Magic the Gathering: Gatecrash Review

The new expansion for Magic: the Gathering is set to be released on February 1st, and we were given a special sneak peek into the set. The Gatecrash expansion captures the exploits of five guilds – Boros (Red/White), Dimir (Blue/Black), Gruul (Red/Green), Orzhov (Black/White) and Simic (Blue/Green). Each guild has their own keyword. We were … Continue reading “Magic the Gathering: Gatecrash Review”

SCYTHIA Return With Xmas Song ‘…Of Santa’

Canada’s favorite purveyors of folk/prog metal, Scythia are back once again with a re-mixed and re-mastered version of their holiday tune ‘…Of Santa’, a cheerful track about Santa and his brave reindeer! ‘…Of Santa’ – audio streams – (please share on your social networks) In additional news, Scythia unleashed their latest music … Continue reading “SCYTHIA Return With Xmas Song ‘…Of Santa’”