16-Bit DPA (Tallgrass Brewing Company)

16-Bit DPA is a double pale ale from Manhattan, Kansas’ Tallgrass Brewing Company. The beer pours with a hazy dark-yellow to orange coloration and a small amount of persistent white head; lacing is spotty. There is a great blend of hoppy and wheaty that plays out as one continues to quaff. Toastier elements are present as the 16-Bit DPA continues to warm, while the floral and citrus elements remain considerably further into the can when compared to similar types of IPAs. 16-Bit_CanIt is this hop body that will ensure that individuals are just as motivated to finish their pint can as they were to start it; 16-Bit remains robust from beginning to end. Continue reading “16-Bit DPA (Tallgrass Brewing Company)”