2XIBA (Southern Tier)

2XIBA is the latest seasonal from Lakewood, NY’s Southern Tier Brewing Company. This india style black ale pours with a tremendously dark chocolate to midnight coloration and a fair amount of tannish head that creeps its way down a glass as one continues their journey. On the initial sip, imbibers will experience a blend of piney and fruity hops that are quickly followed up by a strong toasty, biscuity side from the malt inclusion. 2XIBA-6-pack-2015-224x300There is a decent thread of sweetness (vanilla, molasses) that weaves its way through each beer due to the brewery’s inclusion of Muscovado sugar, while additional flavors can be discerned at points. As Southern Tier’s 2XIBA continues to warm, the hop-forward aspect of the effort fades into the background as tobacco and dark fruits become more prevalent.

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