Tool, with Primus and 3Teeth (1/28, Orlando, FL)

To say that I got lucky being able to purchase face value Tool tickets off of the Ticketmaster site the moment they went on sale is an understatement. When Tool played Orlando a couple of years ago I was not as lucky. They are a band that sells out their concerts literally within minutes of tickets going on sale and just like last time, as soon as this show sold out the third-party ticket resellers had tickets for hundreds of dollars more than what they were just minutes ago. After having attended over one hundred and fifty concerts in my life, this was going to be my first time seeing Tool. The venue was over two hours away and the show was on a work night but that was not going to stop me and my three compadres who were also in for their first ever Tool show.Tool1-640x420 Continue reading “Tool, with Primus and 3Teeth (1/28, Orlando, FL)”