Absorbency Plus Diapers

The Absorbency Plus diapers are very absorbent and provide individuals with great peace of mind, no matter whether they have bladder or bowel incontinence. The diapers have tapes that are able to be adjusted without tearing the sides of the diaper, and can actually be resealed. The fit is very snug and form-fitting ensuring that an individual will not leak over extended periods of time. The cut of the Absorbency Plus is intelligently designed to ensure that it does not sneak up over an individual’s shorts, pants, or other bottoms. One can reliably expect to be able to wear the Absorbency Plus for a few hours as the diaper wicks away moisture and does not create rashes for those individuals that wear them. The plasticized outer shell of the diaper is waterproof to decrease the amount of leaks that could occur. Continue reading “Absorbency Plus Diapers”