Airy Jeanine – Everywhere (Animated Video)

Here at NeuFutur, we typically focus on the musical side of things. I feel that this may be a bit shortsighted when there is an interesting video that is crafted alongside a stand-out song, and that is precisely what we see with Airy Jeanine’s animated video for Everywhere. The video showcases an approximation of Airy performing on a stage with a number of distinct movements and sweeping crowd shorts. The high-energy dance track that plays alongside this video is infectious, ensuring that one will be unable to do anything but get out on the dance floor. Airy Jeanine’s animated video showcases another side to an already impressive performer. Continue reading “Airy Jeanine – Everywhere (Animated Video)”

Airy Jeanine “Everywhere”

Airy Jeanine’s “Everywhere” is a delightful track for August. Powerful vocals and a powerful dance beat vie for dominance. Airy Jeanine’s vocals are deep, drawing well from pop and singer-songwriter traditions. The track hammers home a beat that will bury itself deep into the minds and hearts of leaders. There is a sense that the instrumentation does more than provide highlighting for Airy jeanine’s vocals. Give Everywhere a few additional spins to find twists and turns that no other pop/dance/EDM track has. Everywhere is an immense track, something that could easily be on BPM or Beatport charts .

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