Alaskan Brewing Hits Ohio

Beginning today (6/18), Alaskan Brewing is entering the competitive Ohio beer market. The brewery is striking out further east than it previously had been distributed with a core bottled lineup that includes their Amber (an alt), their session IPA Kicker, and their India Pale Ale, Icy Bay. Alaskan will be available anywhere that stocks craft beer, meaning that one’s local Kroger, Giant Eagle or ACME supermarkets should have a place for Alaskan offerings along with convenience stores and gas stations. Continue reading “Alaskan Brewing Hits Ohio”

Hopothermia (Alaskan Brewing)

We have received Hopothermia from Alaskan Brewing. Hopothermia is an imperial India Pale Ale looking to bridge the gap between India Pale Ales and the hop bombs that typically come forth out of the West Coast tradition. This means that there is a strong hop presence to this beer but one that is moderated through a decent amount of wheat and malt elements. Hopothermia pours with a yellow coloration and a fair amount of foamy white head. Hints of floral and piney notes dominate during the initial nose of the beer, something  bolstered when one takes their first pull off a bottle of this Double India Pale Ale. Continue reading “Hopothermia (Alaskan Brewing)”