Alchymie Interview

Today, we are speaking with Alchymie.

Can you give us a little background information about yourself?

Pretty basic beginning….started piano at the age of 6. I studied the piano through my school years under classical training and eventually realized that music had chosen me rather than the other way around.a2962477014_10 My mother played piano in the house when I was very little, the radio was always on in the house usually set to the local public radio station (an endless stream of classical, opera, BBC news, and the Bob Parlocha Jazz show), my aunt played records for us when we would visit…everything from 2001 Space Odyssey to Aretha Franklin. Continue reading “Alchymie Interview”

Alchymie Midnight Clear CD Review

Angels We Have Heard On High adds considerable depth to this holiday classic; the dense arrangements of this effort will stand up to repeat listens. The most important part of this composition has to be the narrative that is weaved through the playing; there does not have to be anything in the way of vocals to have listeners experience a full tale. Continue reading “Alchymie Midnight Clear CD Review”