Anana Kaye – “Carolina”

Anana Kaye’s Carolina is a crossover track that touches upon the work of performers like Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow. The soft-spoken vocals of Kaye have a perfect counterpoint in emotive guitars and on-point drumming. The multiple layers of Carolina mean that fans will continue to find new twists and turns even a few listens in. Continue reading “Anana Kaye – “Carolina””

Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel “Ain’t Dead Yet”

Kaye’s vocals on Ain’t Dead Yet draw upon a rich musical tradition that was established by performers like Tori Amos and Stevie Nicks. A deliberate instrumentation creates a unique sound for the single. Continue reading “Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel “Ain’t Dead Yet””