Auld Acquaintance (Pike Brewing)

There is a tendency for breweries to come forth and create winter warmers or other spiced beers in the last quarter of the year to capitalize on the holiday season. As a result the shelves get stocked with a variety of beers that are roughly the same, meaning that they will be very strongly spiced, malt heavy and full of dark fruit flavors. Pike Brewing (Seattle, WA) has decided to buck this trend and create a wholly unique holiday ale with their Auld Acquaintance. Essentially what one will experience here is a linkage between India Pale Ales, white ale and smaller bits of the winter warmer style. To be absolutely honest the initial sip of Auld Acquaintance was a little on the confusing side with so many distinct flavors hitting my tongue. A strong hop presence as well as citrus elements and the broadness of malts all played for dominance after I cracked the bottle. The beer settles down nicely after a minute or two, creating an order to an incredibly complex beer.Auld Acquaintance (Pike Brewing) Continue reading “Auld Acquaintance (Pike Brewing)”