Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat (Tallgrass Brewing Company)

Pouring with an extremely dark brown to nearly black color, the Bourbon Barrel edition of Buffalo Sweat, Tallgrass Brewing Company’s oatmeal cream stout has a nose that is sweet with hints of coffee and chocolate. The aging that Buffalo Sweat goes through imparts hints of vanilla and a spicy bourbon bite to the conclusion of each sip. While the beer is light on the alcohol (5.8% ABV) when compared to other stouts on the market, one will have a similar burn in their belly as they continue to drink a can of the BB Buffalo Sweat. The mouthfeel of this stout is closer to a porter than the sludgier, more tarry stouts on the market, making this into an eminently-drinkable beer that would be perfect for warming someone up after a cold autumn’s night. Tallgrass’s Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat is perfectly-balanced, with the aging process contributing nicely to a sharper flavor profile and the base oatmeal and malt elements giving the effort a good dollop of sweetness. Continue reading “Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat (Tallgrass Brewing Company)”