Buffalo Sweat (Tallgrass Brewing Company)

While there was a certain complexity given to Tallgrass Brewing Company’s Buffalo Sweat when it was given time in bourbon barrels, we found the base-level Buffalo Sweat to be on of the most engrossing and delectable stouts we have reviewed in 2015. This oatmeal cream stout pours with a decent thickness and a dark-brown coloration. A fair amount of tannish head pours on top of Buffalo Sweat; the nose of this effort is heavy with chocolate, grain, and hints of coffee. When one takes their initial sip of Buffalo Sweat, they will be hit with notes of caramel, cocoa, toasted malt, and bits of brown sugar. The 5.0% ABV of Buffalo Sweat makes this the perfect sort of sessionable beer for those increasingly-colder nights of winter; one can easily drain three or four pints over the course of a night. There is just enough in the way of carbonation present here to make this effort soar rather than become thick and sludgy towards the second half of the brew; this effort is distinct from other stouts as it keeps a strong backbone of flavors while dissipating easily from one’s palette. As Buffalo Sweat continues to warm, more mocha and milk chocolate flavors can be discerned, adding further depth and complexity. This Tallgrass effort would be paired well with stews, hearty soups, roasts, or any sort of cuisine with a distinctive flavor profile. Buffalo Sweat

For more information about the bevy of year-round and seasonal offerings from Tallgrass, visit their domain. Further information, including new products and events, is available from their social media accounts. We have reviewed Tallgrass’s Big RICC, 16-Bit DPA and Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat . Keep an eye on NeuFutur Beer for our coverage of Tallgrass’s 8-Bit Pale Ale in the next few weeks.

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