Casting Me DVD Review




It’s pretty clear that South African writer/director Quinton Lavery is a big fan of Kevin Smith. From the black and white DIY aesthetics of Clerks to the more emotional (yet still raunchy and very funny) core of Chasing Amy, Smith’s style is all over Lavery’s hilarious indie Casting Me.

The semi-autobiographical movie centers around Paul, a funny, but average looking casting director who never got around to finishing the script for the first movie he planned on directing. The script, itself auto-biographical, is about a casting director who never got around to finishing the movie he wanted to write and direct (see where this is going). His ex-girlfriend Chloe broke up with him, in part, due to his lack of focus and frustration with leaving the film project unfinished.

The acting is good, if a bit stilted, but that just adds to the charm of this low budget – by Hollywood standard – film. The story though is surprisingly sweet and funny. A selection at several film festivals across the globe, this is the first time the movie has been made available in the U.S.

Casting Me/97 mins./IndiePix Films/2013