CK and the Rising Tide – Friends

The debut single from C.K. and the Rising Tide, “Friends”, comes from an uniquely magical configuration of musicians. Brother C.K. and Wayne Flach have played together before in an earlier band named The Kindness and C.K. released his first solo recording Empty Mansions following the band’s disbandment. The well-received album promised to be the first of many for C.K. Flach and he definitely demonstrated the needed songwriting skills to sustain that sort of career but, instead, Flach set up a drum kit and began jamming Empty Mansions’ material with bass player Chris Brant and violinist/keyboardist Danny Boudreau in 2017. The trio soon invited C.K.’s brother Wayne to join them on guitar and the band began working on new material and reworking existing material from the brothers’ past. “Friends” is a fantastic single for introducing the band’s sound to audiences and they promise to bring the alt-country and indie scene a fresh new voice in 2018. Continue reading “CK and the Rising Tide – Friends”