Colette Kavanagh “Last Kiss”

Last Kiss, the current single by Colette Kavanagh, is a touching effort that immediately draws listeners in with warm production and nuanced instrumentation. The rising and falling of Colette’s voice during Last Kiss builds upon the framework established by Sheryl Crow and Natalie Grant. Continue reading “Colette Kavanagh “Last Kiss””

Colette Kavanagh “Hold On”

Colette Kavanagh’s “Hold On” blends together vocals and piano in a stirring way. The gradual incline present in the track will have listeners on the edges of their seats as the track rises and falls. The track links together the singer-songwriter style with hints of Sarah McLachlan and Kelly Clarkson. The deliberate instrumental arrangements shine based on their ability to create a rich musical tapestry upon which Kavanagh’s vocals can reside. Instrumental and vocal sides unite to make something that will resound loudly in listeners’ minds long after the track has ceased to play.

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