Crave Restaurant – 7101 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland

We were lucky enough to be invited to dine at the Crave Restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland when we took a trip out east. The large menus that the restaurant offers ensures that there will be a unique experience had with each subsequent visit. To begin the meal, we had their Lobster & Shrimp flatbread ($16), which united a crispiness from the bread with a creaminess (from the garlic cream sauce) and just enough meat to whet the appetites of 3-4 individuals. Kogi Beef Tacos ($13) are absolutely delectable as they contain a large amount of tender beef short rib with a crisp slaw that adds a proper snap into the dish. The kimchi provides additional depth as it provides a more pickled / tart element to the sweetness of the meat. The size of the Sweet & Sour Shrimp ($16) are astounding; there are solid sweet and spicier elements that never overpower the clean taste of the shrimp utilized. Continue reading “Crave Restaurant – 7101 Democracy Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland”