David Haerle “Finding Natalie”

David Haerle’s “Finding Natalie” is a rock track in the vein of Dire Straits and Elvis Costello. The dynamic between the guitars, bass, and strings ensures that the tracks 6-plus-minute run time goes by quickly, while Haerle’s narration on the single will have listeners clamoring for more after the songs concludes. The chorus of the single will tattoo itself deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The guitar work that bridges the two halves of the single boosts the momentum as fans move ever closer to the song’s conclusion. Continue reading “David Haerle “Finding Natalie””

David Haerle “Women Make The World Go ‘Round” (with Bess Harrison)

David Haerle’s “Women Make The World Go ‘Round” (which features the vocal contributions of Bess Harrison) is a beautiful piece of alt-rock that ties together nu-wave with twee pop. The hint of lounge present in Haerle’s vocals imbue the track with a vintage sound, as does the Carly Simon-esque sound of Harrison’s vox. The taut instrumentation of “Women Make The World Go ‘Round” is beautiful, adding further depth to an already fulfilling effort. The instrumental interlude that blends these two parts together stands up to repeat spins, lest someone miss out on a note or a tight bass line that has been included. Simply fantastic.

Rating: 9.0/10

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