Deli Ohio (328 Walnut Avenue NE, Canton, OH 44702)

Canton, Ohio is seeing a resurgence downtown, with a number of stores (The Auricle, Arrowhead, Canton Brewing Company) looking to revitalize a long-dormant metropolis. The Deli Ohio has a chill atmosphere with solid colors, decently open space and an open kitchen so that one can see their food being made. The chipper attitude of the cashier put the cherry on the ordering process, while the sandwiches were delivered to our table within five minutes. The Cuban ($7.50) was packed with tremendous amounts of ham and pork loin, given further moisture with the Dijon mustard, pickle, and grilled onions, and bookended by the house (Hazel’s) sourdough. The platter was completed with the inclusion of a pickle and Shearer’s chips. Sandwiches can be modified to individual taste while the staff was more than happy to assist with the order in any further way. Continue reading “Deli Ohio (328 Walnut Avenue NE, Canton, OH 44702)”