Descender IPA

The beer pours with a steadfast, off-white head. The beer is a hazy yellow / brown and is quite bubbly and effervescent. The beer’s initial taste is slightly sweet and slightly hoppy, providing a nice bite that will warm imbibers up. Descender is a clean and crisp beer that provides a variety of elements with each subsequent sip, meaning that there is dryness that is followed by a sugared bite. Hints of pine and spice (clove, mace) will keep individuals guessing. Every twist and turn that is encountered during Descender is subsumed nicely into the overall experience – this beer is smooth while biting, hoppy and sweet, and it is this series of contradictions that push this beer into an entirely new plateau. There have been a number of deviations from the traditional IPA style in the last few years (black, session IPAs are but two extensions), but Descender will appease fans of India Pale Ales by creating a flawless effort. Continue reading “Descender IPA”