Dubbel (Destihl Brewery)

Illinois’ own Destihl Brewery has created a dubbel that hits all of the high notes of the Belgian style without moving too far into the pruny tastes that sink many a dubbel. The beer pours with a brown to mahogany coloration and a small amount of off-white head that rapidly dissipates. The initial nose of this Dubbel is sweet, heavy with raisin. and concludes with a bit of malt at the end. The initial sip hides the higher (7.5%) ABV perfectly, instead putting a first foot forward that hits imbibers with dark fruit, toffee, and malt elements. A smaller bit of grain can be discerned at points here. Dubbel (Destihl Brewery)As the dubbel continues to warm, notes of spice, plum, and banana all reach prominence.  Strong hints of caramel and malt elements are the threads that unite the disparate set of flavors that one will experience during a 500 mL bottle of the brew. Continue reading “Dubbel (Destihl Brewery)”