DEVATHORN set release date for new W.T.C. album‏

W.T.C. Productions announces February 27th as the international release date for Devathorn’s long-awaited second album, Vritra. Delving into the fathomless Qliphothic depths, Vritra revives the powerful Draconian archetype of the Sulphur Dragon. Bearing the strong symbolism of the restless Adversary, Vritra embodies the fury of Leviathan, the liberating spirit of Prometheus, and the majesty of Sutekh the King. He is the dreaming Dragon Tiamat, Typhon the Destroyer, and Lucifer, the great Adversary. The aspects of Vritra reflect into the forthcoming opus of Devathorn that bears his name, emanating 11 mantras of raging black metal madness. Continue reading “DEVATHORN set release date for new W.T.C. album‏”