Setting down with DownTown Mystic

We’ve been lucky enough to interview DownTown Mystic in April of last year. In the 18 (or so) months since then, what has changed for DownTown Mystic?

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There’s been a lot going on. We’ve recorded a new project called Rock’n’Roll Romantic and I decided to take on social media as a full time job to start promoting it. And when I say full time job, I’m not kidding. I can understand why it’s easier to hire people who do this for a living. But I wanted to be hands on and try it for myself. As an artist it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to just release a full album. Why throw 10-12 songs out there all at once?  Before I release the full Rock’n’Roll Romantic album, I want to build up to the release. Continue reading “Setting down with DownTown Mystic”