EB 11 Enjoy The Ride CD Review

All is Fake is a high energy track that ties together hard rock, emotive music, and just enough hardcore chops to make for a track that will resound loudly with listeners long after the cut has stopped. With this goodwill, EB 11 is able to move into System Breakdown. The drum work and sizzling guitar lines that are commonplace during this sound further build on the overall sound of the band while keeping the same ferocity and frenetic energy constant. Enjoy The Ride is a bonafide hit for the band, as the track builds off of the work of act like Jet to create something that is current and contemporary while still having a hint of older influences present. It is this sheer array of styles and approaches that is taken during Enjoy The Ride that will make a fan out of the widest conceivable swath of fans. Continue reading “EB 11 Enjoy The Ride CD Review”