Spending some time on the Eve Mattress

We were lucky enough to be sent the Eve Mattress all the way from the United Kingdom and were quite surprised that it made the journey in little more than a week. The Box itself was tremendously heavy as one would imagine a mattress in a box would be but to it credit it was a cinch to remove the rolled-up mattress from the box. We thought it was pretty cute that the company included various sayings on the inside of the box, as well. I remember opening the tightly rolled mattress and it looking pretty tiny; the mattress gradually expands to a full size. Over the course of about 4 to 6 hours the mattress gradually grew to the 9 inch size that the company guarantees. The covering that is included on the Eve Mattress ensures that spills or accidents will not stain or otherwise mar the surface. Continue reading “Spending some time on the Eve Mattress”