Exit 4 American Trippel (Flying Fish Brewing)

Exit 4 American Trippel is a complex effort that pours with a clear golden color and a good amount of white head that laces itself down the glass. The beer has a small amount of sweet and malt that can be discerned from its nose, while the first sip links together grain, malt, bananas, and figs before a stronger alcohol burn sneaks its way in. The Exit 4 is well-balanced and holds up to reaching room temperature well with a small shift in the overall flavors present. The grain elements fade into the periphery as the citrus and Belgian candi sugar flavors increase; Exit 4’s drinkability increases considerably through the intricate web of tastes that reach one’s tongue; while one may only need one or two bottles to complete a night, the beer stays interesting through the whole night. Continue reading “Exit 4 American Trippel (Flying Fish Brewing)”