Full Sail IPA

The beer pours a golden brown with an off-white head that sticks around for a decently long time. The beer has only a small noise of grass and light hop elements, a palette that expands considerably with the initial sip. The hops rise up in a nice crescendo, while there is a subtle sweetness that keeps the IPA from getting too bitter. The beer shifts and changes with each subsequent sip; further pulls will bring out hints of malt, pepper, and grapefruit. The last third of the beer allows the sweeter elements to become dominant, ensuring that imbibers are continually given a scintillating, shifting set of flavors. The Full Sail IPA would be a great introduction to the style for individuals that are not familiar with India Pale Ales, but the beer contains enough twists and turns to keep the most experienced hands interested. Continue reading “Full Sail IPA”