Fort George 3-Way IPA (2015)

The 3-Way IPA possesses a hazy orange color and a small amount of head that sits on the top of the beer as one continues their experience; the initial nose clues individuals into the heavy hop presence that marks all facets of this collaborative effort. The beer has a good amount of citrus flavors, mixing up equal amounts lemon, orange, and hints of apricot into the front-end while back-loading a serious hop wallop (the 3-Way ties together Meridian, Citra, Equinox, and Simcoe varieties). The hoppiness of this India pale ale continually refreshes an imbiber’s palette, meaning that each subsequent pull of 3-Way has the potential to move in countless directions. The slight sweetness that pokes out amongst the 3-Way IPA adds further depth to the effort, while later pulls allow for hints of malt and grain the ability to shine. Continue reading “Fort George 3-Way IPA (2015)”