Razer DeathStalker Expert Keyboard

We just received a Razer keyboard in the mail and are very pleasantly surprised when we had a moment to sit down and really familiarize ourselves with it. The DeathStalker Expert keyboard has a number of functions available to it despite its value price (one should be able to find a DeathStalker Expert for around $70). The design quality of the Razer keyboard is such that individuals will be able to use it for years after their purchase. The spacing of the keys is very intuitive and ensures that one can utilize it for word processing, gaming, or any activity in between. The smaller form factor of the keys increases the reaction time of those utilizing the keyboard, while anti-ghosting technology means that keystrokes are used for the games rather than popping up OS dialogs, no matter whether one is playing on a Windows or an OS X machine. The ergonomics of the Razer DeathStalker Expert keyboard are leaps and bounds better than typical keyboards on the market; the fixed rest provides cushioning without causing nerve pain or facilitating repetitive stress disorders such as carpal tunnel. Continue reading “Razer DeathStalker Expert Keyboard”