Huddle House (5000 Park Avenue West, Seville, OH)

On our trip down to the Columbus area we were able to drive on Interstate 76 until we got to the exit immediately before its terminus with Interstate 71. We decided to get off the road and get into a restaurant. We found a rarity around this part, a franchise of the storied Huddle House chain. Huddle House is for those uninitiated a restaurant with hundreds of locations available through the south and the West United States. This restaurant is a to the point sort of joint, a diner that blends traditional American dishes with just  enough zing and pizzazz to keep customers coming back for more. We picked up a few entrees to see exactly what the fuss was about, including an effort from their current promotion, the steak tips line. Continue reading “Huddle House (5000 Park Avenue West, Seville, OH)”