Hunter Bourbon Barrel Aged (18th Street Brewery)

A portion of Hunter, 18th Street Brewery’s (Gary, Indiana) imperial milk stout, was placed into barrels of Journeyman Distillery Buggy Whip Wheat whiskey. This effort is thick with an incredibly dark brown to black coloration and pours little to nothing in the way of head. The Bourbon Barrel Hunter is able to have a luxurious mouth feel with a bevy of flavors. Bourbon, vanilla, caramel, milk chocolate and toasted malt all vie for dominance. With subsequent sips, imbibers will experience a different composition of notes. Hunter Bourbon Barrel Aged One pull may bring forth a roasted and oak-forward stout, while another may yield a boozy and hot interpretation of chocolate drink. Continue reading “Hunter Bourbon Barrel Aged (18th Street Brewery)”