Breakfast Stout (Founders)

The one drawback to a number of the high-octane stouts we receive in NeuFutur is how much the alcoholic bite shines through. Sometimes, you just want an easy drinking stout that still possesses a good punch. We were able to find one that masterfully matches a higher than average alcohol content with a smoothness and complexity that will have us coming back for more. Founders’ seasonally-offered Breakfast Stout fits the bill. The beer pours with a dark brown coloration and an off-white to tan head that is slow to dissipate. Continue reading “Breakfast Stout (Founders)”

Death Valley Shootout: Remus Revenge

Death Valley Shootout: Remus Revenge is a 14% ABV bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout which also includes bits of maple syrup and brown sugar. With our pour, we noticed an inky black coloration that was topped with an infinitesimally small head. Continue reading “Death Valley Shootout: Remus Revenge”