Orderville (Modern Times)

This IPA pours with a yellow to orange coloration and a fair amount of white head that is somewhat slow to dissipate. The nose of Orderville is very strong on the pine and floral aspects of the hop while including a bit of astringency from the alcohol of the beer. The drink-ability of Orderville is unparalleled; it is one of the first beers that is able to marry the West Coast style of India Pale Ale with the much more juicy style that is all the rage with New England craft breweries. Continue reading “Orderville (Modern Times)”

Hoperation Overload (Destihl)

Hoperation Overload is an absolutely intense double/imperial IPA that is a year-round release by Illinois’ Destihl Brewery. Hoperation OverloadThis effort pours with a brown, tinged by yellow coloration and a small amount of off-white head that quickly dissipates. An ample amount of lacing will make its way down a glass, a testament to the constancy of the effort. Continue reading “Hoperation Overload (Destihl)”