Introducing Isolated Ave

Las Vegas is typically a place that is full of glitz and glamour, dotted with massive works and lacking perhaps a bit of the human side of things. It was surprising when we first learned about Isolated Ave, a four-piece rock act that showcases musicianship and soulful song-writing in their music. One need online listen to Monotony, the first song on their Contact EP, to understand. Brooding guitar work gradually gives way to a driving beat, deftly mixing together early emo, 1990s-alternative, and even hints of jam band rock into a musically complex and wholly unique sound. The bit of fuzz and echo that bubbles up at points during this track acts as a glue, making the resulting effort musically cogent and coherent. The number of twists and turns that Isolated Ave includes into their Hurricane makes the nearly-five minute run time go by quickly. There is a ropy bass line playing at the bottom of the track while hints of Stone Temple Pilots and mid-1990s Dave Mustaine and Billy Corgan can be discerned in the vocals.  Continue reading “Introducing Isolated Ave”