Ivan Keith ft. Dre Butterz “Get It Together”

“Get It Together” is a track that ties together a hard-hitting rap flow with an erudite, smart R&B-inspired hook. A piano line inexorably entwines these two elements. With nods to performers like Outkast, Big K.R.I.T., and Kendrick Lamar, the intricate and thoughtful rap style that dominates Get It Together is of a class all its own. The harder/softer approach first came to prominence with Tupac’s “Dear Mama”, but I feel as if Get It Together has taken the next evolutionary step forward. Both Ivan Keith and Dre Butterz put in a serious amount of work making this into a life-changing effort. 

Ivan Keith ft. Dre Butterz “Get It Together” / https://twitter.com/IvanKeithBMBhttps://twitter.com/DreButterz313