Jane N’ The Jungle “Killed Someone”

Jane N’ The Jungle’s “Killed Someone”comes forth with the same instrumental intensity of early sublime; there are just so many things going on during the band’s latest single Killed Someone that fans will have to go and spin it multiple times before hearing everything that is contained within. The strong female vocals, the Fugazi-esque bursts of intensity, and an overall style that touches upon rock, emo, and metal pushes Killed Someone into the stratosphere. The band is able to boldly forge forward with a style that is uniquely their own, and this is the key reason why Killed Someone is such a success. 

Jane N’ The Jungle “Killed Someone” / https://www.facebook.com/JaneNTheJungle/

Jane N’ The Jungle “Faded Stars”

Jane N’ The Jungle’s “Faded Stars” is a stunning track, with the band bringing back all of the fuzz of early-1990s acts like Soul Asylum and Jane’s Addiction. With hints of later nineties emo (The Anniversary, Lucero) being interspersed during Faded Stars, new fans of Jane N’ The Jungle will find something that they can easily appreciate. Particular kudos have to be given to the rich, emotive guitars and the guitar / drum dynamic that gives Faded Stars considerable depth. We foresee big things coming from Jane N’ The Jungle and would love to see more from the band in the future.

Jane N’ The Jungle “Faded Stars” / http://www.janenthejungle.com/