Barrel Aged Get In My Belly (Left Coast)

There are not a large number of breweries that actively put out beers in the Wee Heavy style, but San Clemente’s Left Coast Brewing has crafted a massive effort in their Get in My Belly. The beer pours with a mahogany coloration and a small amount of off-white to tan head. There is little in the way of carbonation to this effort, while the mouthfeel is thick and luxurious. There is a surprisingly small amount of nose to the beer, urging potential imbibers to take the first sip to be hit with the bevy of flavors that are to follow. There are hints of caramel, raisins, toffee, malt, and spice hiding the bonkers (13.1% ABV) alcohol percentage. Continue reading “Barrel Aged Get In My Belly (Left Coast)”