Moved To Duarte by Les Bohem

Los Angeles based Folk singer Les Bohem recently released his latest recording, Moved To Duarte, it’s quite immersive with 21 tracks. Each track provides a look into Les’ soul as he sings, this album is a lyrical confessional. My personal favorite from the recording is “When We Used To Get High”. Les’ voice is melodic and persistent; the lyrics are full of meaning and soul. When Les sings it’s reminiscent of early Dylan or Leon Russell. The music is simplistic and calm allowing the vocals to shine through the most. Another song I enjoyed off the recording is “Fancy Footwork”, the sound is similar to artists like John Denver or Elliot Smith. This song is happier but still has melancholy sound. Again Bohem shows us his feelings through the infection and mood that his lyrics and voice provide. Continue reading “Moved To Duarte by Les Bohem”