Electric Peel (Magic Hat Brewing)

Citrus and grapefruit elements can oftentimes be experience in an India Pale Ale (IPA). However, Magic Hat has created in Electric Peel a beer that is unmistakably grapefruit-heavy. The beer pours with a dark yellow to gold coloration and a hazy white head that laces its way down a glass. The nose of Electric Peel is equal parts wheat and grapefruit, while the first sip an imbiber takes comes forth with a smooth blending of grain, wheat, malt, and a final one-two of hop and grapefruit elements. The 65 IBUs and 6.0% ABV of Electric Peel are hidden masterfully by Magic Hat, yielding a beer that is sublimely refreshing while possessing enough oomph to stave off the autumn chill. Continue reading “Electric Peel (Magic Hat Brewing)”