Mark Huff’s Stars for Eyes

When people are living in harmony and love is plentiful, communities at peace and joy is more common than fear or hatred, there is always music. In times of distress and chaos, where no one seems to want to get along and there isn’t any singular uniting shelter that we can come together under from the storm, there is always music. Music is in fact the one element of our world that is all-encompassing of our world and all-embracing of each of us, regardless of any surface stuff like race, age or upbringing. And as anyone that is alive and well in the year 2018 knows, sometimes music is the only thing that can drown out all of the complaining, the discord and general sense of discomfort that seems to come standard with just turning on the television. Nashville’s own Mark Huff is a singer/songwriter who understands the power that music has to heal our wounds and celebrate our greatest victories. His new album Stars for Eyes happens to do a little bit of both. Continue reading “Mark Huff’s Stars for Eyes”