Mark Newman – “When I Aim My Gun”

Mark Newman’s “When I Aim My Gun” starts with an intricate guitar/drum dynamic that sets the stage for the rest of what occurs on the single. The narrative quality of Newman on this single is similar to Ted Nugent’s Fred Bear or The Scorpions’ Wind of Change. The track blends together rock, country, and alternative (e.g. Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind) styles. A full and fleshed-out production present on When I Aim My Gun means that the bass and keys are given an equal opportunity to shine. The resulting track will stick with listeners long after the song concludes; this is a lot of material for a four-plus minute track. One will continue to hear new twists and turns in subsequent listens. Continue reading “Mark Newman – “When I Aim My Gun””

Mark Newman – “Scapegoat”

Mark Newman’s Scapegoat is a lively track that links together blues with a down-home type of southern rock. A sizzling guitar immediately draws listeners in, while a vocal approach that is reminiscent of ZZ Top and 38 Special will keep listeners on the edges of their seats until the final notes of the single. Continue reading “Mark Newman – “Scapegoat””