Sitting Down with Milow the Girl

How have your compositions changed since your first release?

I think that there has been an evolution, good or bad I do not know ,but a lot of things happened in my personal life ,in the world around me since my first album that I voluntarily or involuntarily incorporated in my music, my lyrics. Continue reading “Sitting Down with Milow the Girl”

Milow the Girl Featuring Sylvia G – Dreams

Electrified is a wonderful example of a crossover pop track that takes on equal amounts of EDM, alternative rock, and pop to make something that is tremendously infectious and catchy. The backing instrumentation keeps things interesting, while Sylvia G’s passion and charisma bubbles up at all of the right times. I Walk Alone has a retro, late-nineties vibe that is refreshed with a robust snap/clap sound to the backing beat. Fans of retro dance styles will like what’s done here, as Sylvia G’s vocals add a chill sound to this composition. Continue reading “Milow the Girl Featuring Sylvia G – Dreams”